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Head And Neck Surgery In India
Head And Neck Surgery In Apollo India
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  • Head And Neck Surgery In India
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  • Head And Neck Surgery In India


    March 25, 2015

    An otolaryngologist-is a specialist of Head And Neck Surgery in India who has been licensed to give great therapeutic and surgical care of patients with maladies that influence the ears, the nose, the respiratory and upper digestive system, and related structures of the head and neck.


    This is an operation that is used to remove part or all of the thyroid gland. A thyroidectomy may be required to treat a thyroid lump or tumour. In addition to malignancies, a thyroidectomy is additionally a practical choice for patients with symptomatic thyroid masses or goiters. Patients who have compressive manifestations including dysphagia, dyspnea, shortness of breath, as well as dryness because of a huge goiter may need a thyroidectomy.


    A parotidectomy is an operation to remove part or all of the parotid salivary gland. The main purpose is to remove lumps or tumours arising fro the parotid gland. A superficial parotidectomy includes removing the greater part of the organ superficial to the facial nerve, while a partial superficialparotidectomy includes expelling just the bit of the organ encompassing a tumor or mass. In an incomplete superficial parotidectomy, just some branches of the facial nerve are monitored, while in a formal superficial parotidectomy, the whole cervicofacial and temporofacial divisions are traced.

    Salivary gland stone removal

    Stones may form in one or more of the salivary glands due to aggregation of salts in the saliva. Once large they can block the flow of saliva and thus cause enlargement of the gland or recurrent infections. Sometimes these stones can be removed directly, or with the help of an endoscope (Sialendsocoscopy).

    Branchial cyst and fistula

    A branchial cyst is a developmental anomaly resulting in the formation of a cyst in the side of the neck. Surgery may be required if it is very large or to prevent repeated infections. With surgical extraction, complete excision is targeted. Frequently however, the tracts of the cysts may go close vital structures, for example, the internal jugular vein, or facial nerve, making complete extraction unrealistic.


    This is a procedure carried out to shrink and stiffen the soft palate using a radiofrequency device. It is carried out for the treatment of snoring where the soft palate vibration is contributing. Any individual with any level of a congenital fissure is a possibility for palatoplasty. The methodology is typically performed on newborn children. The perfect age for the patient is in the vicinity of six and twelve months of age. In the event that the surgery is done much past three years old, discourse improvement may not be ideal. 80% of the time, advancement of the sense of taste and discourse is typical after just a single procedure.

    Tongue Base Reduction

    This is a method of reducing the bulk of the tongue base using radiofrequency to treat snoring or obstrcutive sleep apnoea where collpase of the tongue base is contributing. The Tongue Base Reduction procedure is conducted by specialist to gain best results. The procedure is very simple and less time consuming.

    Expert clinical analysisforms an important part of the treatment of Head And Neck Surgery in India. Our teams has the expertise for Surgical treatment or conservative management for ailments, neoplasms, disfigurements orinfections of the ears, the respiratory and upper digestive system, the face and the other head and neck structures.

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