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Home Blog Month: September 2017

Month: September 2017

  • Types of Skull Base Conditions and Tumors: Consult the Best ENT Doctor in India

    Skull base is the bottom part of the skull and it is the main and complex bone structure. Brain lies upon the skull base and it plays an important role in separating the human brain with other structures in the head.

  • Specialized Treatments for Head and Neck by the Best Otology Doctors in India

    Many important nerves that control the functions of eyes, ears, and nose, and facial movements are connected in the area of ‘head and neck’. There are ENT specialists in India who are specially trained to treats diseases

  • Success for Kids thru’ Hearing Loss Early Intervention with India’s Best Paediatric ENT Surgeon

    Hearing loss in kids could affect their speech and language development, academic achievements, educational and job opportunities, emotional and mental health.

  • Cochlear Implant Surgery in India is now Very Affordable with Reduced Packages

    Dream of every hearing impaired person is to reconnect with the outer environment. There are many hundreds of persons who do not even know that this earth is surrounded by beautiful sounds. Hearing impaired persons physically

  • Hearing for the First Time: Cochlear and Hearing Implants in India Opens up the World

    Ever dreaming about the feeling of ‘hearing the world for the First Time’? Lovely voice your child, sounds of a beautiful morning, attractive voice of the doctor who is standing next to you, or could be anything, are you dreaming of that surprising.

  • How long it takes for Eardrum Rupture to heal – Consult the Best ENT Specialist in India

    Experienced a sudden earache or a sharp pain in the ear that disappeared suddenly and now feeling ‘something is not right inside the ear’? Try out a small test by blowing your nose slightly and check

  • What can cause Vertigo to flare up? – Take your Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment in India

    Are you experiencing a ‘spinning feeling’ all of a sudden, and then when you sit back and relax for a while it vanishes within few seconds and recurs several times a day. Or experiencing a persistent feeling of dizziness

  • Painful Nose Bridge and Puffed Face: Considering a Sinusitis surgery in India?

    Sinusitis is the condition of swelling and inflammation in the surrounding tissues of sinuses. Sinuses are air filled spaces within face bones and skull joining with nasal space. However, in a person affected by sinusitis

  • Common ENT Problems in Children: Consult the Best Paediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi

    A healthy child is a happy child! Do not let your child suffer for its entire life due to an untreated ENT problem. Consult immediately the best paediatric ENT doctors in India, if you doubt your child is suffering from an ENT problem.

  • How does deafness affect a person’s life? – Very effective Hearing Loss Treatment in India

    Our five senses: vision, audition, taste, smell and touch are five distinct modes of sensing our outer world. The body maintains a balance between these senses and deterioration in one sense triggers functioning of another.

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