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Home Blog To begin with, the best ENT hospitals in India are equipped with highly qualified and experienced ENT surgeons

To begin with, the best ENT hospitals in India are equipped with highly qualified and experienced ENT surgeons

Since the concept of otolaryngology or ENT medicine and surgery has become a super specialization the world over, more and more hospitals dedicated to ENT conditions are coming up in India and which, most importantly match global standards. So what is it so special that the best ENT hospitals in India offer?

To begin with, the best ENT hospitals in India are equipped with highly qualified and experienced ENT surgeons, a majority of whom have been trained abroad in some of the most well-known ENT hospitals of the world and are fully abreast of the latest advancements in the field of otolaryngology. They treat hearing loss conditions, balance disorders, ear infections, tinnitus, disorders of the cranial nerve, defects of the ear, chronic sinusitis, nasal allergies and smell disorders, nasal polyps and nasal obstruction caused by deviated septums. Throat conditions treated by these ENT surgeons include treatment of disorders of the voice box and upper oesophagus, swallowing disorders, surgical treatment of head and neck cancers, facial trauma and reconstructive surgery of the head & neck region.

It is already known that the best ENT hospitals in India use the latest technology and have world-class infrastructure for performing intricate and complicated endoscopic skull base surgeries as also Cochlear & BAHA Implantation to treat acquired or congenital hearing loss. These hospitals also have on their staff highly trained and experienced audiologists & speech therapists to conduct diagnostic audiology procedures and to and provide speech therapy to both children and adults. The additional advantage to patients is that these hospitals are often networked and provide their patients with numerous options when choosing a location, doctor or hospital and, more importantly, in terms of the cost involved.

Their state-of-the-art equipment includes high-powered Zeiss operating microscopes, high speed micro drills, PNS shaver systems, flexible laryngoscopes, fiber-optic nasal endoscopes, Chip-on-Tip nasopharyngoscope, stroboscopes, Hopkins rod telescopes as also nerve monitoring facilities. These hospitals also have empanelled vendors for supplying the most advanced hearing aid and implants, facilities for robotic laser surgery and Image Guidance Navigation Systems.

With the concept of health tourism growing rapidly in India, most of the well-known ENT hospitals have also started catering to the customized needs of foreigners visiting the country for the best treatment at affordable prices. Each hospital has or is beginning to start departments with e-mail facilities for foreigners to find assistance with regard to locating the right doctor, hospital, medical opinion and cost of treatment prior to their arrival in the country. Appointments are scheduled by e-mail and they even have the liberty of talking to their doctor here before arriving by telephone or video conference facilities. Facilities for Indian medical visa and travel assistance are also provided by some hospitals as are hotel bookings & internal transfers during the post-treatment period. Additional services include airport transfers on arrival and during departure and interpreter services, particularly for non-English speaking foreigners. The patient’s family members too, are regularly updated with information on his ongoing treatment and progress via telephone, email or video call. For those who intend seeing a bit of India before they leave, these hospitals also arrange for local sightseeing tours, currency exchange, flight tickets, taxi services and visa extension.