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Home Blog How Best ENT Specialist in Delhi Determines need for Tonsillectomy

How Best ENT Specialist in Delhi Determines need for Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy refers to the surgical removal of tonsils. The best ENT specialist in Delhi would recommend tonsillectomy when a patient stops responding to other non-surgical treatments.

Best ENT specialist in Delhi” runs different tests on the patient. He or she also reviews the treatment. Based on the tests and the review the specialist could recommend surgery as the last option.

What are Tonsils?

Two soft tissue masses found at the throat’s rear constitute tonsils. These resemble lymph nodes. They form a part of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic system helps to fight infections. Tonsils too help fight infection. Typically, tonsils swell when infected. After treatment infected tonsils return to normalcy. For the most part, tonsils protect the throat by being the first line of defence.

How Tonsils Fight Infections?

White blood cells produced by tonsils help fight diseases. These cells attack viruses and bacteria that enter the mouth providing an outer ring of defence for the throat. They get infected rather than allow the throat to get infected. Often, tonsil infection treatment suffices and the tonsils return to normalcy.

Why Tonsils get affected?

Tonsils get bombarded by viruses and bacteria. In the process they get infected. They undergo changes when performing their disease-fighting functions. They get enlarged. They suffer bleeding. They also suffer from severe tonsillitis, a chronic and recurring condition. Over a period of time they lose their disease fighting capabilities and become redundant. Tonsils in children are more prone to infection than in adults. This is because children have lesser experience of infection caused by bacteria and viruses. They may not have developed immunity so early in their lives.

What is Tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove tonsils. Generally, a competent ENT surgeon accomplishes the procedure under local anesthesia. In young children, the surgeon may resort to general anesthesia. The ENT surgeon may adopt any of the several procedures available such as by using a scalpel or forceps and scissors or electrocautery.

When is Tonsillectomy Recommended

When tonsils lose their disease fighting capabilities they become candidates for removal. Such tonsils offer no defence against infection because they themselves get infected. When they get infected they undergo mutations that cause more harm than if they were not present. Infected tonsils suffer inflammation creating discomfort in the throat.

Some patients have large natural tonsils and some other patients may have enlarged tonsils. Such large tonsils create complications such as difficulty in breathing or swallowing.

The thumb rule for undergoing tonsillectomy include

  • Enlarged tonsils affecting breathing or swallowing
  • Repeated infections of more than 7 per year
  • Poor response to tonsillitis treatments
  • Conditions isolated only to the tonsils
  • Constant bleeding surrounding the tonsils
  • Cancerous tissue

Get tonsillectomy done by the best ENT specialist in Delhi

Today, there are competent ENT surgeons in state-of-the-art ENT clinics. They conduct a tonsillectomy procedure on people suffering from repeated tonsillitis or problems associated with enlarged tonsils. Patients may choose the best ENT specialist in Delhi to get the disease diagnosed and undergo tonsillectomy, if warranted.