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Home Blog What the Best ENT Specialist in India can do for Snoring

What the Best ENT Specialist in India can do for Snoring

People suffering from snoring should consult the best ENT specialist in India. This is to detect if any serious health issue is the cause of snoring.

“Best ENT Specialist in India” conducts various tests to isolate cause of snoring which may be a more serious condition needing immediate treatment.

Snoring Condition should be immediately investigated

People who snore upset a lot of other people because of the loud and unpleasant sounds associated with snoring. In reality people should look at snoring from a different light as it might reveal an underlying serious disorder in the person.

People who snore undergo various kinds of social and psychological issues. These may include decreased libido, distraction, irritability and drowsiness. In some cases, people are prone to stroke or heart attack. Snoring might be a sign of sleep deprivation. Snoring often results in marital discord between partners.

Causes of Snoring

When people sleep partial blocking of airways occurs. This results in irregular airflow causing changes in vibration of structures controlling respiration. These changes manifest as sound called as snoring.

Causes of snoring may include

  • Wrong position of tongue while sleeping
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse
  • Blockage of nasal passageway
  • Accumulation of fat around the throat due to obesity
  • Tension in jaw muscles
  • Closure of throat due to weakness

Snoring May Indicate Serious Underlying Health Condition

People who snore may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder. The sleeping disorder manifests as undesirable conditions during daytime. For instance, people with sleep apnea suffer from dry mouth, mood swings, headaches and tiredness. Often, people breathe through the mouth leading to further complications.

Besides sleep apnea, snoring may reveal several other health conditions. Measurement of sounds while snoring may indicate respiratory problems associated with lungs. Similarly, tests may reveal issues with vascular health. Blood vessels supplying blood to the brain could see thickening of their lining creating a vascular health condition.

Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack

Recent research indicates snoring people run the risk of heart attack or stroke. Studies of carotid arteries in snorers found thickening of artery linings. The research indicated thickening walls caused less oxygen flow to the blood. This in turn caused disturbances in breathing. This could be a cause of snoring as well.


As revealed by recent research, people who snore run the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, snoring competes equally if not more with the following conditions as risk to cardiovascular health issues

  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Hyper tension
  • High blood pressure

It is possible that people who don’t exhibit traditional risk factors for cardiovascular conditions could be at risk if snoring is not investigated.

Get Snoring Investigated by the Best ENT Specialist in India

People who snore may need the services of the “best ENT specialist in India” to investigate the underlying causes of snoring. Based on the findings the ENT specialist could suggest a course of treatment that would not only prevent snoring but also treat the underlying causes.