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Home Blog Category: ENT Doctor

Category: ENT Doctor

  • All About Skull Base Surgery In India

    Skull Base surgery is a highly specialised surgery performed for treatment of benign as well as malignant growths/tumours that are located at the base of skull or underneath the brain or the upper area of the spinal cord. It is also beneficial for repair of congenital malfunctions and abnormalities.

  • Different Ways To Get Rid Of Your Snoring Problem

    Snoringthat occurs occasionally due to cold or sinus is not considered harmful but continuous snoring is a matter of concern. As described by the best ENT Doctors in India, it may lead to other health problems like high blood pressure.

  • Causes of Having Bleeding Nose

    Nosebleeding is one of the most common problem treated as an emergencyby the Best ENT Doctors in Delhi hospitals. Doctors performing Best ENT Treatment in India say that nosebleeding mostly occurs in the morning hours.

  • Home Remedies For Treating Ear Infection

    Ear infections can be very annoying for both adults and children. It usually occurs due to viruses or bacteria in the middle year. Earaches due to infection can give you sleepless nights. So, before you go out in search of the best ENT doctor in Delhi.

  • Foods That Make Your Ear Healthy

    We all would agree with the fact that a healthy human body is not only about external appearance, rather it is also about both internal and external fitness. Each body organ has specific nutrient requirements to keep functioning properly. One such vital organ is our Ear.

  • Best ENT Specialist ForTreatment Of Acoustic Neuroma

    Acoustic neuroma or vestibular schwannoma is a tumour (non-cancerous) that develops on the eight cranial nerve that leads from your inner ear to the brain.It may occur in one or both ears.

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