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Home Blog Category: General

Category: General

  • Understanding the Connection Between Allergies and Hoarseness

    You do everything to keep your voice healthy. You control any acid reflux, never overuse it, and exercise to keep it strong. But despite everything, you still have hoarseness.

  • Have You Ever Wondered Why You May Have A Loss of Taste and Smell with The Flu?

    Have you ever had the flu and lost your sense of taste and smell? If so, you are not the only one; it is a typical flu symptom, can be with anyone, and is very annoying.

  • How To Avoid Having A Bad Day Due To Winter Allergies

    Most people don’t think of allergies as something that happens in the winter, but they do. However, it’s vital to be aware.

  • Feeding Your Ears: Dietary Supplements for Clear Hearing

    You may remember how your parents made sure you consumed all of your vegetables before leaving the dinner table.

  • Why I Cough After Eating?

    Many people have experienced the problem of cough occasionally or after every meal. Coughing after the meal is not a usual problem. Coughing is a symptom of an underlying severe medical condition.

  • Nasal Polyps

    Nasal polyps are benign lesions affecting around four percent of the population. It is a common and painless condition. Patients with nasal polyps may experience headache, nasal obstruction, coughing, and rhinorrhoea.

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