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Category: Otology

  • The services offered by your Otology Doctor

    Problems related to your ears, may not be life threatening, but they are indeed very uncomfortable to live with. And they result in a variety of symptoms such as pain, added noises that you hear, and even a sense of imbalance and dizziness. Therefore it is important that you.

  • Middle Ear Infection / Otitis Media

    Ear infection is a disorder which can either be viral or bacterial, affecting one’s middle ear the most. This disorder is painful as fluid accumulates in the ear leading to inflammation. Infections of the ear can either be chronic or acute in nature, the damage is more prominent.

  • Tinnitus / Noises in the Ear

    Tinnitus is a disorder which is characterized by a constant perception of a ringing noise in the ears. This is not the condition in itself, rather it signals some other underlying condition such as an ear injury or age related hearing loss. It is not a serious condition, although the symptoms can worsen.

  • Outer Ear Infection / Otitis Externa / Swimmers Ear

    Swimmer’s ear is a condition, which is characterized by an infection in the outer ear. This infection usually stems from the water that remains in the ear after swimming, forming a moist environment that allows bacteria to grow and procreate.

  • Get Relief from Ear Pain by Visiting the Best Otology Doctor in India

    Ear pain in both adults and children is a concern for the individual. To get relief form ear pain it is advisable to search for the best otology doctor in India and seek his or her advice. Best otology doctor in India pops up on Internet search

  • The Most Common Types of Ear Infections That the Best Otology Doctor in India Will Treat

    There are different kinds of ear infections that the best otology doctor in India has successfully dealt with. Some have been severe while others have been mild. Even so, the end results have always been a good

  • Best Otology Doctor in India

    Otology is the medical term that refers to the branch of medical study relating to hearing system and its functions. An Otology Doctor is a specialist in examining your hearing health – structures and functioning of ears

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