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Home Blog Any specialized ENT hospital in Delhi, is now well equipped in the spheres of sialoendoscopy and sialology

Any specialized ENT hospital in Delhi, is now well equipped in the spheres of sialoendoscopy and sialology

Any person who claims to be an ENT specialist In Delhi is a medical doctor who’s specially trained to treat all ear, nose and throat diseases, including those of the head & neck. He’s the holder of an MBBS degree from a recognized and accredited medical college, affiliated to the University Grants Commission. His post graduate qualifications may include a diploma in otolargyngology or DLO degree and/or an MS or Masters of Surgery degree in ENT surgery. He may further qualify as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Ireland and Edinburgh or even the American College of Surgeons (FACS) or the European College of Surgeons (FECS). He is also entitled to a membership of the Indian Association of Otolaryngolosists (IAO).

It, therefore, goes without saying the each and every ENT specialist In Delhi has a significant contribution to make towards the whole concept of ENT treatment in Delhi and his principal place of work is either in the ENT department of any general hospital or specialized ENT hospital in Delhi, quite a few of which have been built and are gradually growing all over the country. These have been created with a view to treating disorders of the human voice, ears as also nose and naso-pharyngeal region through medical or phono-surgical methods.

In keeping with global practices, ENT treatment in Delhi also currently addresses various types of disorders of the head & neck including cancer where tumors of the skull base are removed in collusion with neurosurgeons and head & neck medical oncology and radiation experts.

As part of the current curriculum, an ENT specialist In Delhi is also being trained in the use of the latest LumenisAcupulse CO2 laser systems to treat bilateral abductor cord paralysis, vascular lesions, laryngeal cancer, juvenile papillomas, premalignant oral cavity, hypopharygeal and oropharygeal lesions and laryngotracheal stenosis. Any specialized ENT hospital in Delhi, is now well equipped in the spheres of sialoendoscopy and sialology, a fast growing field where endoscopic sinus and nasal surgery is done to treat both paranasal and nasal sinus conditions, optic nerve decompression, chronic dacrocystitis as also malignant exopthalmos. An additional and most essential facility offered by these hospitals is the treatment of ENT emergencies such as sudden tracheal obstruction or blockage of the air passage due to foreign bodies, particularly in children and which can prove fatal if not taken care of immediately. The ENT specialist in India, particularly those in pediatric ENT, are trained to tackle such emergencies also and save many a valuable life as and when the need arises.

ENT treatment in Delhi also encompasses the latest trends in speech & voice therapy as also audiology, and every ENT hospital in Delhi has the latest equipment for taking care of both fields. The concept of audiology is about conducting audiometrys or tests that determine a patient’s level of hearing when hearing loss is suspected. Speech & voice therapy are provided to those patients whose voice box has had to be removed because of laryngeal cancer.