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ENT Specialist in India

Who is an ENT Specialist?

An ENT specialist is a physician trained in the field of Otolaryngology. They are also known as Otolaryngologists and specialized in diagnosing and treating disorders and diseases relating to Ear, Nose, Throat and structures of Head and Neck.

What is best about an ENT Specialist in India?

You would easily find the best ENT specialist in India by doing your own research about the specialists depending on recommendations given by the persons who have undergone ENT treatments earlier. The number of patients who do medical visits to India has been increasing in the recent years, evidencing the effectiveness of treatments by the specialist.

ENT specialist in India treat thousands of patients from countries across the world and have produced many satisfied, healthy and happy persons. Their knowledge is very wide and experience counts many years and they are capable of most accurate diagnosis and treatment. Their friendly service and personalized care are the best about on ENT specialist in India.

When should you consult an ENT specialist?

Hearing loss

One might lose his hearing power at any stage of life due to aging, injuries, diseases, medications, continuous exposure to loud noises, etc. A child can be born without the ability to hear due to genetics or improper structure of the ear. An ENT specialist is able to diagnose the cause of hearing loss and treat them.

Ear infections

Bacteria and viruses could cause ear infections, which would make your ears and face swollen, cause severe pain, discharge of discolored liquids and block the hearing tubes leading to hearing loss. Ear infections should be treated immediately and an ENT specialist would prescribe the right treatment.

Dizziness and vertigo / Balance disorder

Our inner ear is an important part in our body to maintain our body balance. Balance disorder give the feeling of rotation or spinning while being in rest. A person with this disorder faces difficulty in walking, standing, focusing and understanding the direction of sounds. This is usually coupled with the feeling of dizziness, vomiting and faintness. An ENT specialist would choose the best out of several methods to treat this condition.

Tonsils and Adenoids

They are located on the upper part of the mouth and very sensitive for infections. They tend to get swollen easily and cause heavy pain, breathing and swallowing difficulties. An ENT specialist would perform Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy to remove these away.

Blocked ears

Some people have a glue-liked fluid (grommet) filled in the inner ear canal causing hearing loss. An ENT specialist would perform a simple procedure Myringotomy to clear out the blocked path, reduce the fluid end improve hearing.

Breathing difficulties

Breathing difficulties could be caused by sinusitis where the air filled spaces between the bones and tissues in the face are blocked by fluids or over growth of muscles around the space. An ENT specialist would clear the problem through simple procedures such as Septoplasty, Nasal Polypectomy, Turbinate reduction, etc.

Lumps in Neck

Lumps could be caused by over-growth of parotid gland, salivary gland or thyroid gland or due to cysts. An ENT specialist would cure this condition through neck mass excisions or a procedure for removal.

Delayed speech in children

If the newborn baby or a growing child is not responding to noises of the environment, or not starting to speak would be alarming. An ENT specialist would assist in finding if the child has as ENT issue and give treatments such as Laryngo-Tracheo Bronchoscopy and Laryngotracheal reconstruction.

Facial paralysis

Some people experience difficulties in facial movements due to nerve damages caused by head trauma or neck trauma. An ENT specialist would cure this condition through simple therapies and procedures.

Facial feature abnormalities

By birth or due to injuries, the facial features for instance the nose born can get dislocated causing breathing difficulties and less sensitivity to smell and taste. An ENT specialist would correct this through a procedure such as Septoplasty.

Cosmetic reasons

Although there might not be any complications of breathing or swallowing difficulties, but if you are worried about the crooked nose or a facial features abnormalities, an ENT specialist in India would do a minor procedure to reshape the bones.