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Hearing Loss Due to Allergies

Allergies and Hearing Loss

Can allergies cause hearing loss? Can the allergies account for diminished sense of hearing in a person? The answer to these questions would be a “Yes”. Hearing health professionals would say, that these are symptoms that include itching, swelling, vertigo and fullness in the ear, the sense of hearing could be diminished.

The immune system of a person responds to allergens by producing antibodies that release histamine. Histamine release produces allergic response in people. These result in sneezing, itching and congestion, which then increase mucus production resulting in conductive hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss could be cured, but this causes difficulty in hearing, temporarily. When something like fluid or earwax prevents sound waves from flowing through the ear and into the tiny bones of the middle ear, Conductive hearing loss is caused.

Allergy-related Hearing Loss

A person’s ear has three major sections, all of which could be affected by allergies and cause severe sickness like hearing loss.

  • Outer Ear – itching and swelling could be caused due to skin allergic skin reactions, in both outer ear and ear canal. Allergies maybe caused due to laundry detergents, fragrance or earrings, household pets like cats and dogs etc.
  • Middle Ear – swellings block the opening to the middle ear, the Eustachian tube may not be able to drain properly due to this. This would result in excess fluid and pressure build up, which gives a feeling of fullness in the affected ear. This fullness provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and subsequent infection. The fluid increase may trigger balance problems like vertigo, this gives a feeling of dizziness and light headedness.
  • Inner Ear – allergies may cause hearing loss in people suffering from Meniere’s disease.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies could make it tough for people with symptoms during most of the year. In most people, allergy misery which includes low hearing experience is normal. When suffering normal infections in the ear, which causes hearing difficulties, the hearing returns back to normal once the infection clears. Apart from that, if the person suffers, hearing loss for a long time, even after the allergy symptoms have reduced and also experiences ear pain, they need to consult an ENT specialist and get advice.

Hearing Loss Treatment in Delhi

Most kinds of hearing loss due to allergies, trauma or any other sickness have high chance of treatment. Such patients need to get consultation and expert advice from ENT specialists or experts, who would then provide you treatment methods and procedures. Hearing Loss treatments in Delhi are said to have amazing results. Hearing Loss treatment in Delhi is mostly recommended since they have many specialists who are well trained and experienced in particular areas. Many patients from around the world travel to Delhi in order to get better treatments.

Delhi in India has better treatment options for hearing loss as well as better surgeries with faster recovery is offered. Treatments are done in much cheaper and affordable rates. Travel costs, accommodation, consultation, treatments, surgeries and medicine could be all achieved with many low and affordable amounts when compared to other countries. Other countries would overcharge you simply for the surgery. This is why, Delhi, India is recommended much.