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India Best Paediatric ENT Surgeon

Is your child in need of hearing loss/speech treatment? If you are confused of your child’s actions and behaviors, how do you find out if the child is suffering with a problem?

Below are few tips given by paediatric ENT doctors. You should be alerted if,

  • the new born baby – does not respond to loud noises
  • at 2 months – does not identify your voice
  • at 5 months – does not take the direction of a loud noise
  • at 6 months –  does not start to babble
  • at 9 months –  does not take the direction of a soft sound
  • at 12 months –  does not responds to your rhymes

When would you seek the assistance of a Paediatric ENT Surgeon?

Early identification assists in very effective treatment options. You should approach a Paediatric ENT doctor as soon as you doubt an issue in your child. With proper examination, the doctor would suggest the treatment option and might direct to a Pediatric ENT Surgeon if required. India best paediatric ENT Surgeons would discuss with you on your child’s problem, treatment procedure, pros and cons and pre and post operative care requirements. They would take special care of your child’s requirements. They would take special care of your child and put you and the child always in ease.

Types of Surgeries by India best Paediatric ENT Surgeon


This is a procedure to remove swollen and infected tonsils from the throat. However, not every child with tonsils is suggested for this procedure. It is recommended only when throat infection persisted for a continuous time period or repeated few number of times during a period.

Tonsils in children interrupts their breathing, sleeping, willingness to eat and even its proper growth. Tonsillectomy relieves these issues just after an obstacle removal.

This is a minor procedure with no complications. However, the child might suffer from slight bleeding or fever due to pain. Antibiotics and painkillers would be prescribed.


This is a procedure to take off the affected adenoids located in the throat closer to tonsils. This procedure is only recommended if a child has had the swollen adenoids persistently for few years and reported together with other symptoms such as high degree fever or continuous discharge on adenoids.

Adenoids in children cause hearing loss, unclear speech, frequent cold, ear infections, bad snoring, etc. Adenoidectomy relieves these issues just with a minor procedure.

Sore throat, bleeding, infection, and dehydration are few possible complications. Following the medications and proper post care would reduce these complications.

Myringotomy and Grommets

This procedure is performed for those children whose ear gets blocked with a glue like fluid and suffering from hearing loss. By this procedure, the fluid is cleared and a ventilation tube is fixed to allow free flow of air into the ear. Within 6-12 months, this tiny tube falls off by its own and ear and hearing sense turns normal.

Fluid blocks in the eardrum would cause bigger issues if untreated. This minor procedure protects the child from major complications.

An ear discharge, possible damages to the eardrum during the procedure or uncovered eardrum hole after the verification tube falls off are few rare complications.

Laryngotracheal reconstruction

Some children experience difficulty in breathing due to the structure of windpipe. In them the upper portion remains very narrow not letting enough room for easy breathing. Through this surgery, the narrowed part is wide open slightly and reconstructed.

Untreated condition is even life threatening and this procedure avoids the requirement to use an artificial airway to improve breathing.

Bleeding, infection, difficulty in swallowing are the possible risks of this procedure other than the anesthetic complications.

Neck mass excision

This procedure is performed in children to treat the lumps that they get in necks due to enlargement of certain glands or infection. Even the children under the age of five get effected by this condition.
Therefore, this procedure is very common among children.

Excision becomes the only effective solution for breathing neck masses. Untreated neck masses get easily affected by infection and excision avoids further growth and complications.

Scares from surgery take quite a long time to totally fade away. Infection, swelling and inflammation in the surgery site would exist for few weeks after surgery.