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Paediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi

It is a true fact that thousands of infants are born each year with some hearing problem. A child with a hearing loss by birth do not start to speak as it does not know the world with sounds and languages. Entire life turns challenging for the affected child and for all those surrounding the child. They see a different world and at times they feel it as a burden and only frustration surrounds them. Imagine the state of the parents whose children are with a problem. Their children are seen by the society as extra ordinary. They need to find everything special and different, let it be toys, schools, friends and teachers unlike for a normal child.

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss in a child could be congenital, which means it was born with it or acquired it between after birth. Common causes include:

  • Inherited from parents or genetics
  • Viral infection in a pregnant mother
  • Premature birth
  • Under-weighted baby
  • Affected by infection or injury
  • Inappropriate medications

Treatment for hearing loss in children at a very early stage is important. Paediatric ENT doctors say some hearing loss treatments are more effective on children than with adults. However, the vital factor is to ensure you give your child in the hands of the best doctor for treatment.

What is best about Paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi?

Paediatric Otolaryngology is a special branch of medicine and in India you find number of specialized doctors in this field. Handling a child is far different than treating an adult. A child needs to be handled mentally and physically. Paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi have the special ability to find the needs, understand the mentality of children, and give treatments in the best and special manner. There are many clinics run by paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi in an environment exclusively designed for special need children and by approaching one of those best doctors, your child gets the friendly treatment as part of its normal life.

Services provided by Paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi?


Tonsils are small and rounded lumps in the throat. In children, these become enlarged when tonsils get affected by an infection. These settle by its own but at certain instances they cause the child to suffer from heavy pain, fever, painful swallowing, vomiting, hyperactive behavior, poor sleep, bed wetting, etc. Paediatric ENT doctor would treat this condition by medications or by removing the tonsils.


Adenoids are similar to Tonsils in the soft roof of the throat. These are also sensitive to infections and get inflamed sooner in children. These cause breathing difficulties, speech difficulties, snoring, painful swallowing etc. A Paediatric ENT doctor would suggest to remove these completely if the child is suffering from recurrent ear infections, hearing loss and frequent cold.

Myringotomy and Grommets

Some children suffer from hearing loss due to glue like fluid getting filled in the middle ear. This fluid blocks air passing into the ear and fills continually behind the ear drum. A Paediatric ENT doctor would perform a simple procedure to clear the built-up fluid and fixes a ventilation tube known as Grommet by making a tiny cut (Myringotomy) in the eardrum. This allows proper air pressure balancing.

Laryngo-Tracheo Bronchoscopy

Larynx is the voice box in the throat, which plays a vital role in breathing, speaking and swallowing. Trachea is the wide pipe in the throat located below Larynx. These appear as incomplete rings or horseshoes. These are vital in normal breathing, speaking and swallowing. Bronchoscope is an endoscopic examination of Larynx and Trachea by inserting a small and flexible tube fixed with a micro-camera through a child’s nose to identify the issues causing difficulties.

Laryngotracheal Reconstruction

Some children suffer breathing due to narrowed upper portion of wide pipe, caused by infection or trauma. Bronchoscopy identifies this issue and Laryngotracheal reconstruction is performed to wide open to avoid a life-threatening problem.

Neck Mass Excision

Neck mass in children are overgrowth of gland tissues in the neck caused by fluid filled sacs or cysts. Usually, these do not shrink without a surgery. Untreated neck mass is exposed to infection and series illness. A paediatric ENT doctor would perform a minor procedure to remove these.