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Home Blog What You Need To Know Before And After You Have Sinusitis Surgery In India

What You Need To Know Before And After You Have Sinusitis Surgery In India

It is a good thing to go through sinusitis surgery in India. After all, nobody wishes to have the symptoms that accompany this awful condition with them for a long time. Even so, as much as you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel because of the hope that this brings, it is vital to understand a few things before and after the sinusitis surgery in India is done.

Possible Complications To Know About Before Sinusitis Surgery In India

Some risks are associated with sinusitis surgery in India, and it is very wise that you discuss them with your doctor before anything else.

Bleeding: It is normal that you may experience some bleeding after you have had the operation done. Normally, the bleeding is heavy right after the surgical procedure and can go on for about 24 hours. In some other cases, the bleeding goes on for days and even weeks. If this happens, go back to the doctor. Avoid self-medicating because instead of stopping the bleeding it may increase it.

Eyes And Surrounding Tissues Damages: the eyes are located very close to paranasal sinuses and what separates them is a fragile bone that can easily be damaged. This can lead to a visual loss that is either temporary or permanent. Sometimes the effects can be double visions that are long lasting or temporary. The tear duct also stands the risk of being affected leading to constant tearing.

Pain And Dryness: When the nose has been decongested after the surgery, one may be left feeling like their nose is extremely dry resulting to pains. This condition sometimes can become very chronic and extremely painful to endure.

Changes In The Voice: The resonance of the voice it’s greatly affected by sinuses. This means that after the surgery, the chances are that you may have a change in your voice

Effects To The Sense Of Smell: Usually, after the procedure, one may experience some difficulties in perceiving different kinds of smells. Even so, the problem clears up after a while. On extremely rare occasions, the problem is usually prolonged.

What To Do After Sinusitis Surgery In India To Make The Healing Process A Smooth One

Elevate your head so that the bleeding after the surgery can reduce. Use some extra pillows for this.

If packing materials and splints have been placed on your nose after the surgery, ensure that they stay in place regularly.

Avoid blowing your nose at any given time until a week later if possible.

Avoid aspirins as they slow down the clotting process.

Avoid lifting of heavy weights or any strenuous activities, or you risk bleeding some more.

If you feel that you are bleeding excessively, kindly call your doctor and schedule a check-up with them. Do not take matters into your hands.

When you are about to have sinusitis surgery in India, be wise enough to ask about the risks involved. Also, ensure that you have knowledge on how to make your recovery process a good one until you get back in shape.