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Sinusitis Surgery in India

Sinuses are the spaces within bones and other tissues, especially in the bones of the face and skull connecting with nasal space. Sinuses are usually filled with air.

Sinusitis is the condition of swelling or inflammation in the tissues surrounding sinuses. This occurs when sinuses get filled and blocked with fluid. This triggers growth of germs, infection and breathing difficulties.

Common causes of sinusitis:

  • Frequently getting cold
  • Certain allergies in the lining of nose
  • Nasal polyps – growth in the lining of nose
  • Deviated septum – a position change in the nasal bone
  • Deficiencies in immune systems
  • Certain medications
  • Polluted environment

Sinusitis surgery is the procedure to remove the blockages in the sinuses in order to improve breathing, sense of smell and taste and eliminate facial pains. Sinusitis surgery in India are performed for several purposes on persons who are suffering from prolong symptoms such as running nose or discolored discharge, heaviness in the face, fever, headache, tooth pain, bad breath, etc. Symptoms are examined by the specialists on case by case basis and sinusitis surgery in India is performed to solve your exact problem.

Sinusitis surgical procedures in India


This is a procedure to treat deviated septum. Through this surgery the bone that divides your two nostrils is adjusted and correctly positioned in the middle of the nose. Due to the improper structure of the born, people experience breathing difficulties, drying effect in the nostrils and at times bleeding and Septoplasty eliminates all these troubles. Rare complications would include bleed clots, numb feeling in the nose, excessive bleeding, reduced sense of smell and taste.

Turbinate reduction

Turbinates are tissues in the side walls of the nose and these show an overgrowth unusually blocking the space to inhale air. Turbinate reduction is a procedure to shrink the enlarged size of turbinate. Due to overgrowth of turbinate, people tend to breathe through mouth causing breathing difficulties and dry mouth and this procedure eliminates these troubles. Rare complications would include bleeding and infection in the wound site, re-growth of turbinate or nose and teeth numbness.

Nasal Polypectomy

This is a procedure to treat Nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are painless and soft skin overgrowths of linings in the nasal passages. Allergies and infections are common causes for this overgrowth. Through Nasal polypectomy, these polyps are removed. Overgrowth of linings blocks the airway, reduces the sense of smell and taste and infections multiplies and this procedure eliminate these problems. Rare complications are the problems in wound healing and re-growth of linings.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

This refers to the method of performing sinusitis surgery in India by using the advanced technology. Through this method of surgery, telescopes- stainless steel made long thin rods and other small instruments are used compared with the procedures performed by making incisions on the face. Simplicity, less pain, faster recovery and avoiding scars are the benefits of FESS. Limitations of using this instrument in very sensitive areas are the greater risk of this procedure that can be avoided by approaching a skilled surgeon.

Balloon Sinuplasty

This is the usage of advanced technology in a different way by using a flexible balloon to open the blocked sinuses. This is proved to be safe and less invasive and proven effective and faster recovery as this method is widely sought by persons who are worried about a surgery on the face. Dizziness and feeling of fullness or congestion on the face would be experienced probably for few days after the surgery.

Dacryo-cysto-rhinostomy (DCR)

This is a tear duct surgery performed to drain a blocked tear sac under the eye. The procedure is performed without making any cuts on the face, but by making a new opening through the nose for tear draining. This stops excess tearing caused by over production of tears or poor drainage.


This procedure could be performed as a cosmetic surgery to reshape a crooked nose or just as the septoplasty surgery to reshape the septum. This surgery improves the face look, eliminates breathing difficulties, bad snoring and improves the sense of taste and smell. This would be performed on persons who are suffering from some complications or for cosmetics purpose on females above 16 years and men above 18 years.