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Dr. Ameet Kishore, Best ENT Specialist In India
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Tag: Best ENT Specialist in India

  • Choanal Atresia

    Choanal atresia is a congenital condition. This disease is present right from birth. The patients with choanal atresia have obstructed or narrowed nasal passage that causes difficulty in breathing.

  • Treating Ear Pressure: What Are The Options?

    The ear is an organ that helps in listening and balancing. The ear has a part, known as the Eustachian tube, that maintains the pressure inside the ear.

  • Rhinorrhea: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

    Rhinorrhea is made of two different words, i.e., rhino means nose, and rhea means to flow or discharge. It is the condition in which the patient experiences a runny nose.

  • How long it takes for Eardrum Rupture to heal – Consult the Best ENT Specialist in India

    Experienced a sudden earache or a sharp pain in the ear that disappeared suddenly and now feeling ‘something is not right inside the ear’? Try out a small test by blowing your nose slightly and check

  • What the Best ENT Specialist in India can do for Snoring

    People suffering from snoring should consult the best ENT specialist in India. This is to detect if any serious health issue is the cause of snoring. “Best ENT Specialist in India” conducts various tests to isolate cause of snoring

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