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Advanced ENT Services
Open Hours
Mon - Sat: 9 am - 5 pm,
Sunday: CLOSED
Home Facilities
  • Endoscopic nose, sinus and skull base surgery
  • Microscopic ear and neuro-otologic surgery
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea assessment
  • Cochlear Implant & Auditory Brainstem Implant Program
  • Facilities

    Video endoscopy of the ear, nose and throat

    The out patient clinics are equipped with clean and sterilised instruments for examination. We have video endoscopy facilities for detailed evaluation of the ear, nose and throat. This also allows us to document the findings and demonstrate these to the patient and attendants for their education.

    Endoscopic nose, sinus and skull base surgery

    State of the art equipment for video endoscopic surgery allows for targeted and precise minimally invasive surgery on the nose, sinuses and surrunding structures. High quality video camera and recording systems allow the surgeon to carry out these delicate operations safely for his patient.

    Microscopic ear and neuro-otologic surgery

    All ear and neuro-otological operations are carried out using high qualtiy motorised microscopes. These provide brilliant illumination and large magnification to allow the surgeon to carry out the presice and delicate movements that are required when operating on the ear, hearing apparatus and adjoining structures of the brain.

    Allergy testing

    For patients with allergies of the airway, allergy tests provide the patient and family with useful information on substances that they may be allergic to, and thus have to avoid in order to manage their allergies better. Allergy tests may be carried out using either a blood sample or skin prick tests.

    Snoring and sleep apnoea assessment

    Snoring is a very common social problem. This may sometimes be related to sleep apnoea, which has more serious medical implications. Comprehensive equipment to test for sleep apnoea is used during sleep studies to look for or rule ot the presence of sleep apnoea in patietns with sleep disordered breathing.

    Balance testing

    Facilities exist for the evaluation of patients who dizziness, vertigo or other problems with their balance.

    Lasers and Radiofrequency (Coblation)

    Modern day surgery utilises the benefit of presice cutting and sealing of tissues using lasers and radiofrquency technology. We have a variety of lasers that may be used when appropriate for operating in the ear, nose and throat. Similary we use radiofrequency equipment such as coblation for bloodless tissue cutting and reduction and at the same time reducing the heat trauma to surrounding structures.

    Implantatable Hearing Devices (BAHA, Bonebridge and VSB)

    Implantable hearing devices are designed for people with conductive or mixed hearing loss and for people with single sided deafness (deaf in one ear). While conventional air conduction hearing aids may provide a satisfactory solution for many people, they are not always possible or suitable in some. In such situations, we can help you decide if an implantable hearing device is suitable for you. (Read More)

    Cochlear Implant & Auditory Brainstem Implant Program

    The Cochlear and Auditory Brainstem Implant programme offers implantation for all types of cochlear implants in children or adults with severe to profound hearing losses. A cochlear implant is used to deliver electrical stimulation to the inner ear (cochlea). An ABI is used to directly stimulate the cochlear nucleus in the brain stem of the recipient. We have a very large and susccessful programme supported by the team of surgeon, audiologists, speech and langauage therapists with over 700 recipients. (Read more)

    Comprehensive Hearing and Speech testing and Habilitation Service *

    (* These services are provded by our well known and experienced team of Audiologists and Therapists at SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinics ).

    Newborn hearing screening

    Hearing impairment is prevalent in a significant proportion of newborns and young children, and can often go undetected till the child is a older. Simple but sophisticated tests are available that allow us to screen newborns and detect significant hearing loss soon after birth. We have established newborn hearing screening programmes at various hospitals.

    Comprehensive Hearing tests for children and adults

    Knowing the degree of hearing loss helps identify the right treatment. A combination of diffrerent tests need to be used to determine the nature and severity of hearing loss. In adults we carry out Pure Tone Audiograms, Speech Audiograms and Impedence tests. The child test battery includes Auditory Brainstem response (ABR/BERA), ASSR, OAE, VRA, Tympanometery.

    Hearing aid evaluation and fitting

    Hearing aids are sophisticated technical instruments that are tailored to the individual client’s need. There are many different types and styles of hearing aids available today. Our Audiologist will discuss the choices available in your specific situation, help you decide and will fit the most appropriate hearing device for you..

    Cochlear Implant Device Programming

    Following cochlear implant surgery, the device needs to be activated and the candidate would need regular mapping or programming of the implant. (Re)Habilitation is an essential part for those who have undergone Cochlear Implantation. All children need Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) and adults need Audiotory training. Out team of audiologists and therapists have a lot of expereience with all types of devices. Given that our clinics have multiple branches, makes it convenient for our recipients to avail these services at a place close to home.

    Hearing and Speech therapy

    Our team of speech and language pathlogists can help with difficulty in speech / articulation disorders, language delays, speech and language problems associated with neurological disorders, stuttering, voice disorders, feeding and swallowing disorders, speech and language re/habilitation for the hearing impaired, pre-school language groups and parent training.

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    Patient Testimonials
  • My experience with cochlear implant My name is Gerald Andrew; I am 29 year old male Tanzanian. Last year (2009) was one of the most memorable for me. It’s when I received my cochlear implant at Apollo hospital in New Delhi after Read More »

    Gerald Andrew
  • I wanted to thank you immensely for the help that you provided to my father and thus to our family by giving him the gift of hearing. He is now recovering well and is able to hear all the conversations as normally as anyone else can.

    My father, underwent a Stapedotomy ear surgery to correc ct his hearing problem, first in one ear and then 6 months later in the other. The result of the surgery was better than expected and post full recovery my father is able to hear very well. Read More »

  • My experience with cochlear implant My name is Gerald Andrew; I am 29 year old male Tanzanian. Last year (2009) was one of the most memorable for me. It’s when I received my cochlear implant at Apollo hospital in New Delhi after more than three years of hearing loss. Everyone’s experience with coch hlear implant is a bit different therefore, am happy to share mine with anybody out there, from the moment I lost my hearing, my experience during my stay at Apollo Hospital and one year later on, after cochlear implant. Read More »