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  • What Are Cochlear Implants?

    While the majority of people who suffer from hearing loss may be helped with hearing aids, for some, hearing aids do not provide the benefits they need. Why is this?

    Simply stated, hearing aids only amplify sounds. For people with a moderate - to - profound hearing loss, even the most advanced hearing aids may not work because making sounds louder does not make them clearer.

    You may be able to hear sound with hearing aids, but understanding speech and other sounds may still be very difficult. Using a hearing aid with a moderate - to - profound hearing loss can be likened to listening to a loud, badly tuned radio program. And in some cases hearing aids may not provide audibility. In such cases, a cochlear implant may be the best option.

    What is a cochlear implant ?

    A cochlear implant is an electronic device that can restore useful hearing and provide improved communication abilities for persons who have severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss (nerve deafness) and who cannot benefit from hearing aids.

    How is an implant different from a hearing aid?

    Cochlear implants differ from hearing aids in two important ways:

    A cochlear implant does the job of the hair cells in the inner ear. As a result it restores your ability to perceive and understand sound. Unlike a hearing aid, a cochlear implant doesn't make sounds louder. Rather, it bypasses the damaged part of the ear and stimulates the auditory (hearing) nerve directly. This provides a clearer understanding of sound and speech.

    Working of a cochlear implant:

    What Are The Benefits Of A Cochlear Implant System?

    Hearing is the basis on which we learn to speak and communicate with our friends and families in schools and communities. Cochlear implant systems can offer a wide range of benefits including hearing speech, environmental sounds and music.

    Nearly all cochlear implant users hear environmental sounds, keeping them in touch with their surroundings - including traffic, sirens, alarms etc.

    Virtually all recipients hear speech sounds through their cochlear implant. It usually takes some time to begin to understand these sounds especially for children.

    Learning to understand speech and speech in difficult situations allows many adults to return to work or to continue a career which was interrupted by hearing loss.

    Hearing the speech of others as well as their own voice helps CI recipients to tune their speaking abilities. Recipient s report that improved speech skills can open up new social, educational and career opportunities.

    Many people are able to use the CI system so effectively that they can understand speech without lip - reading and can have interactive conversations over standard and mobile phones.

    Infants and children

    Children born with a profound hearing loss who received a cochlear implant at a young age may learn to listen and speak, going on to obtain age appropriate language skills. Your child may be able to attend a mainstream school and enjoy success in further education, employment and community life.

    Studies have shown that children implanted before the age of two achieved spoken language skills equal to, or closely ranked with their hearing peers.


    For many adults, suffering a hearing loss is just part of getting older. While hearing aids can be effective, there may come a time when a hearing aid just isn't enough.

    Talking on the phone, reading to your grandchildren and taking part in community activities or social events may once again be possible with a cochlear implant.

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    Patient Testimonials
  • ENT Patient Testimonials

    My experience with cochlear implant My name is Gerald Andrew; I am 29 year old male Tanzanian. Last year (2009) was one of the most memorable for me. It’s when I received my cochlear implant at Apollo hospital in New Delhi after Read More »

    Gerald Andrew
  • I wanted to thank you immensely for the help that you provided to my father and thus to our family by giving him the gift of hearing. He is now recovering well and is able to hear all the conversations as normally as anyone else can.

    My father, underwent a Stapedotomy ear surgery to correc ct his hearing problem, first in one ear and then 6 months later in the other. The result of the surgery was better than expected and post full recovery my father is able to hear very well. Read More »

  • My experience with cochlear implant My name is Gerald Andrew; I am 29 year old male Tanzanian. Last year (2009) was one of the most memorable for me. It’s when I received my cochlear implant at Apollo hospital in New Delhi after more than three years of hearing loss. Everyone’s experience with coch hlear implant is a bit different therefore, am happy to share mine with anybody out there, from the moment I lost my hearing, my experience during my stay at Apollo Hospital and one year later on, after cochlear implant. Read More »