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Centre for Hearing & Auditory Implants In Delhi, India
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  • Hearing Loss In Adults

    Hearing Loss is more common than you might think. One out of twelve (1/12) persons in India has hearing loss. Usually hearing loss is first noticed by others around you. People may not be aware of the problem until it is severe enough to cause communication difficulties. Detecting and treating hearing loss early is a significant step towards improving the quality of your life.

    Why is it difficult to hear?

    In 90% of all cases, hearing loss occurs because the delicate hair cells in the inner ear become weak. This means that the brain does not receive all the sounds and frequencies it needs in order for, for example, speech to be understandable.

    Untreated hearing loss has many consequences

    Living with untreated hearing loss means difficulties in social gatherings, lost performance at work, as well as a hindrance to enjoy many cultural sides of life. Many decide to stay at home and avoid situations that demand their attention and social contribution. It is also exhausting to deal with hearing loss as you need to concentrate far more in order to keep up with life around you.

    There is no good reason to wait

    Most people typically disregard their hearing loss, but this is a bad decision. Your brain gets used to not hearing everyday sounds and the longer you live without sounds, the harder it is for the brain to get used to comprehending them again. Regular hearing instrument use can prevent deteriorating of your brain's ability to interpret sounds.

    The hearing test and an interview will tell

    A simple hearing test can determine if you have a hearing loss. It is recommended to get a routine hearing screening minimally every decade until age 50, and at least every three years thereafter.

    Where do I go from here?

    The first step is to see our ENT doctor and hearing care professional for a consultation and a hearing test. Depending on your test result and the nature of your hearing loss, you'll be advised on which kind of treatment, surgery or hearing instrument best suits your needs.

    A hearing instrument is more discreet than hearing loss

    The technology and cosmetics of modern hearing instruments makes a hearing instrument far more discreet than having to ask another person to repeat their question, accidentally ignoring them or acting as if you have heard them and maybe giving the wrong answer.

    Two ears are better than one

    We have two ears for a very good reason. They work together!

    How to conserve your hearing

    It is important to recognize that if you lose your hearing it won't come back. It is therefore important that you protect your hearing as much as a person with normal hearing. You should always wear hearing protection when engaged in noisy activities.

    In particular listening to very loud music and using power tools are quite harmful to your ears. Take extra care when exposed to these types of noise. If you find your ears are ringing after engagement in a noisy activity this is a sign you may have caused some temporary damage. Make sure you protect your ears when doing this activity again in the future.

    Please read our leaflet on ear care LINK.

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    Patient Testimonials
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    My experience with cochlear implant My name is Gerald Andrew; I am 29 year old male Tanzanian. Last year (2009) was one of the most memorable for me. It’s when I received my cochlear implant at Apollo hospital in New Delhi after Read More »

    Gerald Andrew
  • I wanted to thank you immensely for the help that you provided to my father and thus to our family by giving him the gift of hearing. He is now recovering well and is able to hear all the conversations as normally as anyone else can.

    My father, underwent a Stapedotomy ear surgery to correc ct his hearing problem, first in one ear and then 6 months later in the other. The result of the surgery was better than expected and post full recovery my father is able to hear very well. Read More »

  • My experience with cochlear implant My name is Gerald Andrew; I am 29 year old male Tanzanian. Last year (2009) was one of the most memorable for me. It’s when I received my cochlear implant at Apollo hospital in New Delhi after more than three years of hearing loss. Everyone’s experience with coch hlear implant is a bit different therefore, am happy to share mine with anybody out there, from the moment I lost my hearing, my experience during my stay at Apollo Hospital and one year later on, after cochlear implant. Read More »