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  • Hearing Loss In Children

    Does Someone You Know Have A Hearing Loss?

    If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", the individual in question may be experiencing a hearing loss. Please contact our specialist hearing clinic capable of carrying out diagnostic tests.

    Why hearing is so important:

    Developing Language:

    We start to develop languages from the moment we are born.

    If a child has a hearing loss the basic development of language will often by delayed.

    Many children with a profound hearing loss also can learn to speak if they are diagnosed and treated relatively early.

    So the earlier the hearing loss is detected, and the earlier it is treated the better. With today's technology, children can be fitted with hearing aids within the first few months after birth.

    Firstly, they need to be fitted with the right kind of hearing aid. Then, when the time is right, the can get special speech and language therapy.

    If the hearing loss is so extreme that even very powerful hearing aids don't help, your child can still learn to communicate using cochlear implants.

    Signs of hearing difficulties

    You should always be aware when your child does not respond appropriately to sounds. Sometimes a lack of response if attributed to inattention, but it is important to determine if inconsistent or no responses actually stem from an inability to hear.

    What to watch for in your baby's hearing...

    Birth to three months...

    Startles to sudden loud noises
    Stirs, wakes up, or cries to loud sounds
    Soothes or calms to your voice
    Makes cooing sounds

    Three to six months...

    Begins to turn eyes or head to sounds
    Stops crying when spoken to
    Awakens easily to sounds
    Begins making vowel sounds such as "ah" and "ou"

    Six to nine months...

    Looks for family members when named
    Turns head towards sounds
    Will respond to own name
    Responds to simple requests with gestures
    Begins babbling, such as "baba" and "mamama"
    Uses voice to get your attention

    Nine to twelve months...

    Understands "No", "Bye bye"
    Responds to soft sounds
    Looks at pictures when named
    Repeats simple sounds that you make
    Uses voice when playing alone

    Common signs that children may not be hearing normally.

    The single most important signs of possible hearing loss, however, is a lack or delayed development of speech and language.

    What to do if you think your child may have a hearing loss :

    If you think a hearing loss may be present the first step is to ask your doctor to refer your child to us for an audiological assessment. This assessment will determine whether a hearing impairment exists and to what degree. No child is too young to receive a complete hearing evaluation. Today's technology even allows newborns to be tested for hearing loss.

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    Gerald Andrew
  • I wanted to thank you immensely for the help that you provided to my father and thus to our family by giving him the gift of hearing. He is now recovering well and is able to hear all the conversations as normally as anyone else can.

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  • My experience with cochlear implant My name is Gerald Andrew; I am 29 year old male Tanzanian. Last year (2009) was one of the most memorable for me. It’s when I received my cochlear implant at Apollo hospital in New Delhi after more than three years of hearing loss. Everyone’s experience with coch hlear implant is a bit different therefore, am happy to share mine with anybody out there, from the moment I lost my hearing, my experience during my stay at Apollo Hospital and one year later on, after cochlear implant. Read More »