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Home Blog The Most Common Types of Ear Infections That the Best Otology Doctor in India Will Treat

The Most Common Types of Ear Infections That the Best Otology Doctor in India Will Treat

There are different kinds of ear infections that the best otology doctor in India has successfully dealt with.  Some have been severe while others have been mild. Even so, the end results have always been a good one when the case is handled by the best otology doctor in India. To understand the importance of the best otology doctor in India, it is vital that one understand the kinds of ear infections that they deal with.  When you know the different cases that they handle, you will learn to appreciate the efforts of any best otology doctor in India

Ear Infections That The Best Otology Doctor Will Deal With

Otitis Media

This is primarily known as the middle ear infection, and it is the most common type of ear infection that people know of.  This type of infection to the ear is common to babies and children, and it is characterized by an inflammation of the ear and the presence of puss.  When there is an accumulation of the puss, the eardrum becomes very painful, and the child can end up having a fever. The course of treatment will be decided depending on the age and how severe the problem is.

Otitis Media With Effusion

This is a situation whereby the middle ear has accumulated fluid, and the inner ear also has some swelling. This condition may come and go without one needing any medication, and it usually does not bother one. Even so, if it does not seem to go away after some time, then antibiotics can be administered to improve the situation.

Chronic Otitis Media

As stated earlier, otitis media is an infection of the middle ear. It is said to be chronic when the fluid that is present in the middle ear does not drain but is present for about six weeks or more. If the fluid does not drain from the ear or the ear gets infected always, then an ear tube is always the best way out for this as it is very effective in draining the ear.

Otitis Externa

This is a type of ear infection that is associated with the outer ear and even the ear canal. Others identify it as outer ear infection and also swimmer’s ear. It mostly occurs when the ears are consistently moist and especially from swimming. The course of treatment is usually with ear drops and also by ensuring that the ear is always dry.


This is a condition whereby the bone at the back of the ear is infected by bacteria; the mastoid bone. Otitis media leads to this infection when it has been ineffectively dealt with resulting in its spread to this bone. This ear infection is severe that it requires the administration of antibiotics the IV way. The result of having this infection not properly treated can be deafness, meningitis, blood poisoning and so much more. Therefore always look for the best otology doctor in India to deal with the matter efficiently.