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Cochlear Implant Surgery in India

What is the requirement for Cochlear Implant Surgery?

This surgery is an effective treatment method for hearing loss. The causes for this condition are several that can be classified into two types:

  • Conductive hearing loss caused by certain diseases or blockages in the middle ear or ear canal or eardrum.
  • Sensorinueral hearing loss caused by damages to hair cells of cochlea or problems in inner ear that makes auditory nerve less functioning.

Conductive hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. Cochear implant surgery becomes a requirement only to treat sensorinueral hearing loss.

How Cochlear Implant Surgery is done?

This is a minor surgery that would take about 1-2 hours. The device is implanted in the bone behind affected ear and another micro piece of device is placed internally by opening slightly the mastoid bone and cochlea. Cochlear implant bypasses the damaged inner ear and perform the functions of cochlear. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is just slightly painful that is usually relieved with a day’s pain killer medicines.

Who are the suitable candidates for Cochlear Implant Surgery?

This surgery is only performed on persons who are affected by sensorinueral hearing loss. Therefore,

  • Adults with severe to profound degree of hearing loss whose inner ear is affected by an inquiry or similar causes and it could not be rectified with the assistance of hearing aids; and
  • Children who are born with the hearing disability or affected in between by an inquiry or illness are considered as possibly suitable persons for this implantation surgery.

Why should you consider Cochlear Implant Surgery in India?

You would consider many factors before deciding on where to perform a surgery for cochlear implantation. These would include,

  • What is the best country and the city that most people visit for a cochlear implantation?
  • Who is the best ENT specialist?
  • What is the best hospital or clinic for a hearing loss treatment?
  • What are the facilities available at these places? Do they use modern techniques of treatment?
  • What is the success rate of treatments by the best hospital and the best doctors?
  • How popular is an ENT specialist?
  • What are the qualifications and number of years of experience in service?
  • How costly would be different treatments?
  • How can the arrangements for medical visit and stay organized?

India would be the topic of the list while answering all these questions. Cochlear implant surgery in India is very popular due to its state-of-the-art know-how and technology and due to the services provided by the skilled and talented specialists in India. The doctors are well qualified from both local and Western countries and they apply the learnt best practices in India.

The surgeries are available at many hospitals at very reasonable prices compared with Western countries. There are many consultants who would also take care of all your travelling and accommodation arrangements during your stay in India.

What are the Benefits of Cochlear Implant Surgery?

The results of an implantation varies widely depending on the structure and condition of cochlea, severity of hearing loss, time period hearing loss persisted before seeking for a treatment and effects of other medical conditions.

This surgery has been beneficial and improved the impaired hearing in majority of the patientsalthough there will be little variations in sounds, if you have heard the world before. You will get used to the sounds within 3 months of implantation. It is reported that on children, the effects are very drastic and faster.

You will be able to differentiate different sounds, spot the directions accurately, start enjoying music, take part in conversations like others with your loved ones, talk over the phone and enjoy every sweet sound from your surroundings.

What are the Drawbacks preventing benefits?

Risks and complications are very uncommon. However, you should be aware of possible

  • Infections in the wound
  • Dizziness for next few days
  • Metallic taste feelings

They are temporary symptoms and persist only for few days/ weeks of surgery. Very infrequently, one can permanently lose the hearing sense or get affected by facial paralysis. However, experienced specialists in India are able to complete the surgery without any complications. Follow-up clinics and attending number of programming sessions would help better results.