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The services offered by your Otology Doctor

Problems related to your ears, may not be life threatening, but they are indeed very uncomfortable to live with. And they result in a variety of symptoms such as pain, added noises that you hear, and even a sense of imbalance and dizziness. Therefore it is important that you get your ear examined by an expert, when you develop any of these symptoms. Because the correct diagnosis and prompt treatment play an important role in preventing permanent damage to the different parts of the ear, and maintaining the functions of the ear, which is hearing and balance. Therefore the correct diagnosis from an experienced professional is what you should be looking for. At the same time, it is also an advantage to know about what common conditions and procedures you have to undergo regarding otology. These include:


This is a procedure which is carried out to repair eardrums/tympanic membranes which have been damaged as a result of infection. When there is severe infection and buildup of pus on one side of the eardrum, it leads to increase pressure within this enclosed space and causes the eardrum to burst in order to release the pressure. You might experience temporary loss of hearing following this. Tympanoplasty is procedure aimed at covering the hole that is produced, so that you can regain your hearing.


It is done in people who suffer from a condition called otosclerosis, where there is damage to the Stapes bone in the middle ear, because the bone tends to solidify at the base, preventing its movement. Therefore this procedure is involved with replacing this damaged bone with an artificial piston that will function in the same manner, and thus improve your hearing.


Is a procedure which is performed when the ossicles (three tiny bones in the middle ear, that aid hearing) have been damaged as a result of chronic middle ear infections? This leads to loss of hearing because the damaged bones cannot carry out their function. Therefore ossiculoplasty aims to correct this loss of function by repairing your own ossicles, or if the damage is beyond repair, then replace the ossicles with artificial pistons, that will function in the same manner.


Is a surgery aimed to remove infection and dead tissue present within the ear and those which have spread to the mastoid bone (ear bone). Ear infections spread to the temporal and mastoid bones when they are severe, and the surgeon may have to remove parts of these bones in order to clear the infection completely and stop the discharge that is coming from your ears. When parts of these bones are removed, you may experience hearing loss, but in the modern days, an experienced surgeon is also able to repair these damaged bones at the same time, ensuring that there is no residual hearing defect.