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Sleep Apnea Treatments by ENTs

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition caused by problems in breathing, while a person is asleep. Most commonly obstructions in the nose and throat cause Sleep Apnea. When a person suffers such a sickness, it is important that they visit ENT specialists to get advice and get the treatments done as necessary. Most types of sleep apnea could be treated by ENTs by performing surgeries.

ENT specialists in Delhi are popularly known for their reputation and excellence in the field. Most hospitals in Delhi, give you the best and expert specialists who cure Nose, throat and Ears. The ENT specialists in Delhi are such that, the physicians who provide service are experts in curing certain types of sicknesses, not every surgeon is talented in curing every sickness, therefore they offer you service as per their knowledge in the field they are thoroughly experienced in.

India is well known for its affordable medical service facilities. Delhi is one such city that has much expert surgeons and ENT specialistswho offer treatments with great care and fast recoveries. Delhi offers the latest treatment procedures and the latest equipment needed for such surgeries. Therefore, most patients from around the world travel to Delhi, to get treatments done from the ENT specialist in Delhi.

Sleep Apnea Treatments by ENT

Sleep Apnea treatments areof many kinds, one of the most serious kind of sleep apnea is the obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this is a serious health condition, which is characterized by a repetitive stopping or slowing of breathing, this could occur several times during the night. This causes lack of sleep during the night and increases sleep during the day. If left untreated, this may cause, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke or motor vehicle accidents.

The Surgical Treatments by ENT

The treatments for Sleep apnea are many, surgical as well as non surgical treatment options are available to cure such sicknesses (snoring and sleep apnea). Some of them are;positive pressure (also known as CPAP), oral appliances and weight loss. These treatments depend on long term or regular adherence in order to be effective.

The sleep apnea treatments by ENT are done in many ways. Patients, who face difficulties even after using other treatment methods, will have to undergo, surgeries. Some of the surgical treatment methods are as follows:

  • Nose- increase in nasal congestion cause snoring, disrupted sleep or sleep apnea. In order to treat this, a surgical option called radiofrequency turbinate reduction (RFTR) is performed, under local anesthesia. This is done to shrink swollen tissues in each side of the nose.
  • Upper throat (palate, tonsils, uvula)- in most patients with OSA, airway narrowing and collapse occurs in the area of the soft palate, tonsils and uvula. The procedures aim to enlarge and stabilize the airway in the upper portion of throat.
  • Lower throat (back of the tongue and upper part of the voice box)- the lower part of the throat is a common area of airway collapse, in patients with OSA. Multiple procedures are available to reduce the size of the tongue base or advance it forward out of airway.
  • Skeletal procedure

The ENT specialists in Delhi are familiar with these types of procedures and are working on such cases every day.