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Best ENT Doctor in India

Who is an ENT Doctor?

An ENT doctor is a specialist in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders in the structures of head and neck, which includes Ear, Nose and Throat. An ENT doctor is also known as an ENT specialist, or an Otolaryngologist.

Special Skills of the best ENT doctor in India

The combination of qualification, training and experience gives the special abilities in this best ENT doctor in India. His experience would count down to many years who has got the hands on experience in treating different types of ENT diseases and disorders. The best ENT doctor in India must have got the certification for practice from the local medical council and several international accreditations to treat ENT conditions. ENT doctors qualify by specializing to diagnose and treat one area/ type of ENT problems or specialized in several of them. The best ENT doctor would eb able to play a dual role in treating adults and children. They use state-of-the-art technology and know-how to treat patients at very reasonable prices.

Treatments provided by the best ENT Doctor in India

Cochlear and hearing implant

ENT doctor provides effective solutions for hearing loss, which is being increasingly common. You would need treatments for hearing loss depending on the severity of your issue. ENT specialist would diagnose if you should be treated with cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing devices, vibrant sound-bridge middle ear implant or an auditory brainstem implant.

Dizziness and vertigo treatment

Simple but advanced and effective treatments are provided for the persons who experience imbalance in the body due to issues in the inner ear. The best ENT doctor in India would be able to treat certain conditions such as a displaced calcium crystals (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertog) using simple therapies and exercises. Other treatment options include eardrum injections (Intratympanic therapy), Vestibular nerve section, Labyrinthectomy and Endolymphatic Sac decompression


Otologic conditions include deafness, dizziness, tinnitus, otosclerosis (struck stapes born), etc. These conditions would require eardrum repair, ear born adjustment or removals, infections clearing, etc. The ENT doctor would decide Tympanoplasty, Stapedotomy, Ossiculoplasty or Mastoidectomy would be performed to solve the problem.

Sinusitis surgery

Sinusitis is the condition of swelling or inflammation in sinuses that are the spaces within bones and tissues in the face. This condition could be caused by structure of nasal bone, over growth of linings of nose or infections, etc. The ENT doctor would perform a conventional sinusitis surgery or an advanced method of an endoscopic sinus surgery or balloon sinuplasty

Pediatric ENT treatments

A Pediatric ENT doctor would assist you in finding the cause of your child’s hearing problem or late learning issue. This could be due to tonsils, adenoids, glue-filled ear, or a structural issue of ENT by birth. The best ENT doctor in India is very skilled to treat the issues of children carefully without physical or mental stress.

Perotid gland surgery and Salivary gland endoscopy

Salivary gland stones or infection affects are very common and an ENT doctor would perform Salivary gland endoscopy to remove the stones or treat infections without any pain or scars using the latest technology.

Thyroid gland surgery

Thyroid is an important hormone regulating growth in the body especially for women. We increasingly see thyroid hormone deficiencies resulting the gland enlargement in the neck area. Thyroid gland surgery is performed when medications fail to control and requires a cut in the gland.

Endoscopic skull base surgery

A specialized ENT doctor would perform skull base surgeries for managing lesions of the endoscopic skull base, pituitary tumours or for closure of CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) leak. This surgery would be required to treat cysts and tumors.

Facial paralysis treatment

This condition could be caused by inflammation in the facial nerve, head trauma or neck trauma. Facial paralysis causes loss of facial movements resulting from nerve damage. An ENT doctor would perform a procedure to remove the tumors or correct the nerves.

The best ENT doctor is more concerned on the health of his patents and takes best care of the treatments. He maintains continuous relationship with his patients by keeping the history and treatment and prepared to assist with any complications later at any stage of life.