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Home Blog Cochlear and Hearing implants in India are World Class

Cochlear and Hearing implants in India are World Class

India has advanced in treating hearing loss conditions. “Cochlear and hearing implants in India” has come of age and patients should use such services to restore their hearing.

Cochlear and Hearing implants in India restores hearing to almost normal levels.

What are hearing aids?

People suffer from hearing loss for a variety of reasons. Most  hearing loss occurs due to aging. Older people tend to suffer from hearing loss more than younger people. Whatever be the age, there are ways of restoring hearing loss.

Hearing aids come to the aid of people suffering from hearing loss. They are electro mechanical devices that assist in amplifying sounds to the person hard of hearing. They improve hearing.

Types of hearing aids?

People have choice as various kinds of hearing aids provide help in hearing. These match hearing loss of the person hard of hearing. They fit the person’s physical features as well as the person’s lifestyle. Qualified audiologists undertake the fitting process after conducting detailed audiometric tests. These tests measure a person’s hearing levels related to sound intensity, tonal purity and pitch measured across different frequencies. They also measure capabilities in respect of separating background noise from speech and discern different  sounds.

Hearing aids or hearing instruments have evolved over  the years from a vacuum tube hearing aid to the latest digital hearing aids involving microprocessors. Other devices akin to hearing aids include cochlear implant and bone anchored hearing aid.

Bone anchored hearing aid

Bone anchored hearing aid makes use of bone conduction to send sound. The principle behind the hearing aid involves the transmission of sound through bone direct to the inner ear without making use of the outer and middle ears. The artificial conductor made of titanium embeds into the skull and with supporting electronics providing sound processing, sound passes to the titanium implant. The implant in turn vibrates the skull and activates the nerves in the inner ear to help hearing.

Cochlear implant

Cochlear implant as the name suggests functions as a cochlea which performs the function of hearing. People with a damaged cochlea lose their hearing function. The cochlea implant sends sound signals to the brain.

Cochlear implants differ from hearing aids in one respect. While hearing aids amplify sound cochlear implants perform the function of hair cells in the inner ear. They actually replace the damaged cochlea.

Cochlear implants provide much better hearing than hearing aids. People with cochlear implants enjoy a much better quality of life than with hearing aids as they can  hear music, conversations, separate noise from speech, hear alarms and hear vehicles moving. Cochlear implants allow patients to reclaim most of the sounds they had missed when the hearing loss affected their hearing.

Cochlear and Hearing implants in India provide second life to hearing loss patients

The science and technology of cochlear and hearing implants in India improve the quality of life of patients suffering from hearing loss by performing the functions of the inner ear in an efficient manner.