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Home Blog Sinusitis causing pain and trouble breathing; Opt for Sinusitis surgery in India

Sinusitis causing pain and trouble breathing; Opt for Sinusitis surgery in India

If you have a blocked and runny nose accompanied by headache and toothache for longer than 4 weeks, you may have chronic sinusitis which requires Sinusitis surgery in India.

“Sinusitis surgery in India” provides immediate relief for sinusitis.

What are the Sinuses?

Interconnected cavities in the skull constitute the sinus. They comprise the Maxillary sinus, the Ethmoid sinus, the Sphenoid sinus, and the Frontal sinus. The sinuses are usually empty save for a lining of mucous.

What is Sinusitis?

Inflammation of the sinuses that occurs through different causes such as the common cold, rhinitis or a deviated nasal septum causes them to get infected and filled with fluid. Sinusitis may be acute (lasts for 2-4 weeks), sub acute (1-3 months) or chronic which lasts for over 3 months. The symptoms caused by sinusitis include fatigue, loss of smell, fever, a blocked nose and even pain in the face.

Treatment for sinusitis

Treatment for sinusitis comprises involves antibiotics, nasal drip irrigation to remove the blockage of the nasal cavity, steam inhalation to relax and ease the sinuses to help with draining the fluid, or application of topical nasal steroids to help decrease inflammation.

If the above treatments do not help to alleviate the symptoms, then getting Sinusitis surgery in India is the next option recommended for patients with chronic sinusitis.

Why do Sinus surgery?

Sinus surgery removes the blockage, or cause of obstruction of the sinuses. In some cases polyps removal or removal of some parts of the bone clear the passages of the sinus. However, surgery helps to only remove the obstruction but does not prevent subsequent inflammation. In order to ensure that there is no recurrence, providing topical medical therapy helps.

Topical medical therapy

Topical therapy may include the application of nasal steroids on the region of inflammation or use of a nebulizer in order to apply the treatment on the region of concern internally through the nose. This therapy involves applying antifungals or antibiotics to the site at risk of inflammation. This helps to prevent the relapse of the patient into sinusitis after successful surgery. In some cases antihistamines maybe topically applied to the affected area as well.

Home remedies

Steam inhalation helps to clear the sinus passages of fluid and mucous and helps to improve breathing during sinusitis. Addition of eucalyptus oil increases effectiveness. Eating spicy foods may also help to clear the sinuses by opening up the passages of the nasal cavity. Avoiding allergens helps to reduce the chances of inflammation and swelling of the cavities.

When to opt for Sinusitis surgery in India?

“Sinusitis surgery in India” provides relief when the regular treatments with antibiotics and topical medicines are not effective in reducing the inflammation or blockage of the sinuses. In case there is a deviated nasal septum, the surgery maybe recommended as the primary solution to remove the blockage. Post surgery, topical medical therapy helps to prevent any further inflammation that the patient might be susceptible to.