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Home Blog Here Is All You Need To Know About Cochlear Implant In India

Here Is All You Need To Know About Cochlear Implant In India

Cochlear implant in India is one of the best gifts to humanity. Many people have hearing loss problems to deal with, and it has taken a lot from them over time. Many have spent a lot of money to get help, many have lost their self-esteem because of this handicap, and many others have fallen into the cold grip of depression as they spend their days wishing they could hear and be able to communicate effectively. Even so, many of them got their problems solved by the ENT specialists that we have.  One of the ways that hearing loss has been treated with the help of the provided cochlear implants in India. As one who is considering cochlear implant in India, there are some things that you need to be brought to speed about this implant.

Questions About Cochlear Implant In India

What Is It?

Cochlear implant in India is a common medical practice by many specialists. A cochlear implant is a hearing aid device that is computerized and is usually implanted in the ear of a person who has a hearing impairment. The impairment is often caused by damaged cochlear hair cells, and this causes nerve deafness. What the cochlear device does is that it will stimulate a person’s hearing nerves with electric signals that are coded therefore enabling hearing.

Are You Eligible Or Not?

As to whether or not you qualify for a cochlear implant in India, it is up to the ENT doctor to decide. But even so, there are some ground rules for eligibility. Adults who have suffered from hearing problems and did not benefit maximally from hearing aids are eligible to be candidates of a cochlear implant. Children also stand to candidates for a cochlear implant from a tender age of one year or more. If a child has a hearing loss for both ears or is showing signs of poor auditory skills development, then they are potential candidates.

How Is The Surgery Performed?

When it comes to a cochlear implant, the surgery is always a very easy and quick one. General anesthesia will be used and the period the operation will last is about two hours. An incision will be made behind the affected ear, and the device will be implanted. There is very minimal pain associated with this surgery, and you may or may not need pain relief medications after the operation.

The Outcome To Expect Of The Cochlear Implant In India

There are quite many results depending on the period that one experienced deafness. It will take some time for you to be familiar with the sounds and speech of people. For many individuals who went gradually deaf over time, they will take time before everything sounds better because they were used to natural hearing. If you knew how to speak, you would not need to read lips in conversations. You will also be able o use the telephone or mobile device.

For children born deaf, they will quickly adjust to it, and their language and speech development will not be interfered with.