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Home Blog Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost in India – All You Need To Know

Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost in India – All You Need To Know

Do you have hearing problems? You might want to consider checking with a doctor because hearing problems could lead to deafness. If you want to treat deafness or hearing problem, you can consider a cochlear implant surgery. Cochlear Implant Surgery cost in India varies from one center to another. There are many hospitals and centers who offer this surgery at an affordable cost. However the first question is – What is Cochlear Implant Surgery? We have covered it all for you. Read on to find out more about this surgery which will bring back music to your ears.

What is Cochlear Implant?

Before you go for this surgery, you need to know what it is! Cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device which will help a deaf person to hear again. It is also meant for those people who have problems of hearing. This is an electronic device which will be implanted surgically in your ears. There is a microphone and some other technology which is placed behind the ears. This electronic device will transmit signals and will help you in hearing. It stimulates the cochlear nerve. Many people have successfully gone through this surgery and they feel blessed to have found this treatment.

What is the surgical procedure?

The surgical procedure of Cochlear Implant is usually done after giving anesthesia to the patient. This surgery is meant for people who are deaf in both the ears. The surgical method is about implanting the device called mastoidectomy. It is implanted in your ears. This is done with the help of facial recces approach which is also known as MFRA. There are certain risks related to the surgical procedure. It is always good to get the surgery done from a trusted center or hospital to avoid the risks. It is important that you go for this surgery from a reputed hospital or center. Risks include facial nerve damage and wound infections.

What is the Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost in India?

The Cochlear Implant surgery cost in India differs from place to place. There are many centers and hospitals who offer this surgery but only some of them are reliable. We would advise you to go for the best ENT Surgeon for the Cochlear Implant Surgery. Some of them offer this surgery at a low cost and some of them charge sky rocket high prices. However the real deal here is that you need to go for the best surgery. Getting back your hearing ability is like a blessing and you should go for the best surgery even it costs a little higher.

It is important for you to choose the finest ENT Hospital for this surgery. It should be done properly and you need to go for a trusted surgeon. You can hear the music again with the help of Cochlear Implant surgery. There will be no pain as surgeons use anesthesia for the procedure. Make sure you choose the best hospital or ENT surgeon for this surgery. All the best!