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Home Blog The Different Cases That Ent Specialists In India Deal With In Each Category

The Different Cases That Ent Specialists In India Deal With In Each Category

ENT specialists in India are people who deal with cases that relate to the ear, nose, and throat. To a greater extent, they deal with issues about the neck.  In these categories, there are different cases that they deal with, and they are as follows.


There are quite many problems that may relate to the ear that ENT specialists in India deal with and they are:

Infections: these are usually due to infectious bacteria that get into the body of a person through the ear or otherwise. Medication will be administered, and in the worst case scenario, a procedure may be necessary.

Perforated eardrum: this is whereby the eardrum has a tear due to causes like infections, pressure and even injuries.

Presence of foreign bodies: there are times when objects find their ways into people’s ears and ENT specialist in India will help in removing them.

Ear cysts: in lay man’s language, it can be said that they are ‘bumps’ that develop on the earlobe and even around it.

Congenital malformations: this is a birth defect of the ear.


Some of the nose related problems that ENT specialists in India deal with include

Nasal obstruction: this involves any condition that leads to an improper flow of air in and out of the nose.

Foreign bodies: when something enters one’s nose by mistake and it is not supposed to be there, these doctors will remove it.

Nose bleeds: they will find the root of the cause and eliminate the problem once and for all.

Sinusitis: this is whereby the sinuses are inflamed leading to a problem in breathing or even in clearing mucus from the nose.

Polyps nasal masses: these are fluid filled sacks that develop in the nose, and they cause an inability to breathe efficiently or accurately.

Congestion: this is whereby a person’s nose is stuffy and results in difficulty in breathing.

Fractures or injuries to the nose: when one breaks their nose or gets injured, then these doctors will take care of this emergency.


When it comes to the throat, ENT specialists in India will deal with

Tonsillitis: this is a problem that is associated with infected tonsils or enlarged one, therefore, causing adverse effects on the involved people.

Problems in speech: when there is an issue in speech development, they will help in establishing the cause and dealing with it.

Tongue tie: this is where the tongue is unable to move freely leading to feeding problems and speech development problems.

Voice problems: the vocal are located in the throat region, and so these doctors have a role to play here.

Neck Problems

ENT specialist in India deal with the following neck problems:

Enlarged lymph nodes: they will establish the cause of the enlarged lymph nodes in the neck region and deal with it accordingly

Cysts: if there are any cyst developments in the neck region, they will find the cause and treat it.