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Home Blog The Procedures That Pediatric Ent Doctors In Delhi Will Perform To Your Kid

The Procedures That Pediatric Ent Doctors In Delhi Will Perform To Your Kid

Pediatric ENT doctors in Delhi have a lot on their plate to handle. There is always an emergency that needs their undivided attention, and they have done an excellent job in solving every issue. Pediatric ENT doctors in Delhi are equipped with unique skills to handle conditions that affect the ears, nose, and throat of a child. As a specialist in the field, pediatric ENT doctors in Delhi will perform the following surgeries to children that need them.

Procedures That Are Performed By Pediatric Ent Doctors In Delhi

Pediatric Sinus surgery: this is when a child has an acute sinus inflammation and treating it with medications has proved to be futile. The inflammation of the sinuses causes a blockage in the nose as it renders one incapable of clearing mucus that accumulates in the nose. This means that the child will have a tough time breathing. Pediatric doctors in Delhi will perform a surgical procedure to get rid of the problem.

Ear tube surgery: pediatric ENT doctors in Delhi usually perform this kind of procedure if a child has had a prolonged ear infection, has had several complicated ear infections in just a short period or if there is an accumulation of fluid in the ear and particularly behind the eardrum. When there is a liquid buildup, the ear tube surgery will help in draining the fluid, and this will, in turn, relieve the ear of the pressure that usually builds up and improve their hearing. 

Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy procedure: every person is born with tonsils and adenoids and adenoids, and they are positioned at the back of a person’s throat. They are charged with the responsibility and trapping any germs that may enter into the body of a person through the mouth. When they are severely infected, then they will be cut out by a doctor. This procedure is also recommended in cases whereby a child’s tonsils and adenoids have enlarged over time and are becoming a hindrance to their normal breathing.

Frenuloplasty: this is a procedure that is performed to correct a tongue problem whereby a child has a tongue tie. This tongue tie causes the tongue to be unable to move freely because it is anchored by a tissue called the frenulum at the floor of the mouth. This condition leads to problems in the development of speech as well as feeding.

Pediatric sleep apnea surgery: when your child breathing becomes completely blocked or sometimes partially while they sleep because of the airways being blocked, then this is a condition called sleep apneaPediatric ENT doctor in India will recommend this procedure as a corrective measure.

These are just but a few of the procedures that pediatric ENT doctors can perform for your child in a need arises. Therefore, you can rest assured that whatever the case, your child’s perfect health will be restored. All you have to do is have confidence in these doctors, and they will prove you right.