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Home Blog Paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi usually try and treat this condition with antibiotics initially.

Paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi usually try and treat this condition with antibiotics initially.

Over the last few years, the city of New Delhi and its suburbs have witnessed the growth of some world-class hospitals which have special departments for paediatric ENT facilities. This has opened up enormous opportunities for paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi to train and work in and provide some excellent services for the alleviation of ear, nose and throat problems in children.

Providing treatment for infected tonsils, adenoids, deviated nasal septums, congenital deafness, blockages in the air passageway or trachea and handling of emergencies including removal of foreign bodies from children’s ears, noses and throats fall within the ambit of the services provided by paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi. Take for example, adenoidal treatment. These are lymphoid tissue lumps, usually small in size and located in the posterior nasal cavity and on the nasopharyngeal roof, the meeting point of the nose and throat. These play a major role in helping young children fight ENT infections. However, because of repeated infections or congenital enlargement, these swell up, blocking the nose which leads to respiratory problems, particularly during sleep and usually causes snoring also.

Paediatric ENT doctors in Delhi usually try and treat this condition with antibiotics initially. Should this fail, a surgical procedure called adenoidectomy is performed to remove the enlarged and unwanted adenoids. Children often suffer from Sinusitis or sinus membrane inflammation because of viral, bacterial or fungal infections. This results in sinus cavities getting blocked by mucus, resulting in inflammation and pain. The first step taken by paediatric ENT specialists is to prescribe antibiotics and pain killers. The alternative is surgery where an enlarged passageway is created in the sinus cavity wall. A more state-of the-art method is FESS or Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, a permanent solution to chronic sinusitis.

A common paediatric problem is congenital or conductive deafness in children. The paediatric ENT doctor here provides them with either hearing aids or performs surgeries like tympanoplasty where the ear drum is reconstructed or puts in cochlear implants to restore hearing in children. Moreover, children also suffer from a condition called Tinnitus which is a constant ringing or buzzing sound that the patient himself only can hear. This too, is treated by the ENT specialist by using a tinnitus masker that drown out the unpleasant noise with something called ‘white noise.’

Some children are born with obstructions in the nasal airway making it difficult for them to breathe through the nose. This is usually caused by enlarged turbinate’s or tiny, bony structures in the nasal passage. Children suffering from this find daily activities like speaking, eating and sleeping difficult. A surgical procedure called Sub-Mucus Resection or Septoplasty may be performed to correct the deviated nasal septum that is responsible for this condition. Paediatric emergencies is yet another important field which are tackled by paediatric ENT surgeons. Nasal, facial and ear injuries incurred during games and other activities are common in children and which need to be handled by paediatric specialists only. Often toddlers or crawling babies put foreign objects in their mouths or noses which may obstruct the trachea and even cause death if not dealt with immediately. Paediatric ENT specialists have the necessary equipment like paediatric-size laryngoscopes, bronchoscopes and esophaguscopes, nasal forceps and tracheal tubes to tackle such dire emergencies.