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Home Blog Protecting Your Ears With Ear Plugs

Protecting Your Ears With Ear Plugs

Taking care of the hearing ability of your ears is an important concern. Ear is a delicate organ and its upkeep involves not only protecting it from loud noise or infection but also ensuring that its hearing ability is maintained well. Suggested by the specialists performing cochlear and hearing implants in Delhi , use of ear plugs is quite effective in protecting your ears during exposure to very loud noise for prolonged hours.

One of the best ENT Surgeons in Delhi mentions that frequent exposure to loud noise can cause the problem of tinnitus (feeling of ringing in the ear) and also lead to hearing loss. Therefore, using hearing protectors like ear plugs can help you prevent noise-induced hearing loss during exposure to potentially damaging sounds.

Do Ear Plugs Really make A Difference?

Yesss…they do! The only condition is using the right one in the right way….

Since earplugs come in various shapes, sizes and colours, it is important to choose the right one for yourself. Doctors with expertise in cochlear and hearing implants in Delhi can help youwith the same as they would know what suits you the most after examining you. If you randomly choose any earplug, it may provide some noise reduction but not full protection. And yes, you may have some discomfort in wearing them but do remember that it is nothing as compared to the permanent negative outcomes like poor hearing ability or other hearing impairments.

According to a renowned ENT surgeon in Delhi, earplugs are the best precautionary solutions to hearing loss from loud noise. As they are handy, you can carry them anywhere and everywhere you go. Also make sure that you clean them properly and use in the correct way. And please note that using headphones or cotton balls does not provide any meaningful hearing protection from loud noise.

Types of Ear Plugs:

  • Disposable Earplugs – These are simple and soft foam earplugs that are an easy and quick solution to protect your ears during exposure to loud noise. They are handy and provide exceptional noise reduction. They are available both in corded and non-corded forms that can fit easily into your ears.
  • Reusable Earplugs – Although a bit costlier than the disposable earplugs, these ones can be repeatedly used and provide better fitting. They are uniquely designed and are completely user-friendly. A good quality reusable earplug is made in a way that it uses body heat to adapt to the user’s ear canal shape and provide a comfortable fit.
  • Custom Moulded Earplugs – The best choice for those who are in professions that involve regular and long duration exposure to loud sound. Use of advanced manufacturing technology makes these earplugs a perfect, unique and comfortable fit for your ears. They provide high-quality noise isolation and do not fall out. Professional lab custom moulded earplugsand Do-It-Yourself custom moulded earplugsare the two common types of custom moulded earplugs.

So make sure you safeguard you ears before going to noisy places like sports events, parties or concerts next time!