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Cochlear Implant Surgery In India at affordable cost


Technology has significantly eased our lives. The medical field is one of the areas where technology has transformed the way of treatment, diagnosing, and surgery. Cochlear implant surgery is one of those applications of technology. It helps in improving the people with hearing disability.

Who Can Have Benefit From Cochlear Implant Surgery?

Cochlear implant surgery is an important intervention in patients suffering from hearing loss. Cochlear implant surgery provides a chance to improve the auditory responses in patients who have sensorineural hearing loss. Cochlear implants are one of the many examples of technological advancements that have significantly improved the quality of life of patients. The basic difference between the hearing aids and cochlear implants is that while hearing aids help in improving hearing by increasing the loudness, the cochlear implant bypasses the damaged ear and sends the sound signal to the brain.

Following patients may get benefit from cochlear implant surgery:

  • Patients who have lost their hearing ability due to toxicity, or injury.
  • Patients who have moderate to severe hearing impairment.
  • Patients who were unable to achieve relief from hearing aids.
  • Patients who have less than 50% in sentence recognition test from the ear in which implantation is to be done.
  • Patients who have less than 60% in sentence recognition in non-implanted ear or in both the ears assisted by hearing aids.

People have improved hearing ability if they use cochlear devices in both ears. This will allow us to determine the direction from which sound is coming.

Benefits Of Cochlear Implant Surgery

Cochlear implant surgery provides a respite in people where hearing aids do not improve hearing. It is an effective method to revive the hearing ability by bypassing the damaged ear. Following are some of the advantages of cochlear implant surgery:

  • It is quite effective in people who have moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • It has been concluded that with cochlear implant surgery the patients achieved 80% sentence understanding as compared to only 10% sentence understanding through hearing aids.
  • It helps the patient in hearing warning alarms or when they are in the way of vehicles.
  • It helps in enhanced concentration in a noisy environment.
  • It helps the patients to be more socialized as they can attend meetings and family get-togethers with their ears on.
  • Patients may be able to have conversations over the telephone.
  • Patients feel happy and can also enjoy music.
  • Patients may also look after their families in a relatively better way.

It is very tough to have gone on with deafness as this may lead the patient to isolation and prolonged isolation may lead to depression. Thus, the patients must recognize when they are not benefitted with hearing aids. The patient should contact with best ENT surgeon in India to take advice and information related to cochlear implant surgery. Getting early treatment may help in getting maximum advantage from cochlear implant surgery.

Various Other Facilities Along With Cochlear Implant Surgery

Apart from the cochlear implant surgery, the ENT surgeons are experts in treating various disorders related to ears. Before cochlear implant surgery, a hearing test of the patient is done to determine the extent of damage and severity of hearing loss. Following are some of the evaluation techniques used by the surgeons:

Tympanography: It is an examination of the internal ear and Eustachian tube through radiographic analysis.

Electronystagmography: The vestibular system is tested to find the cause of vertigo and dizziness.

Hearing aid trial: The hearing ability of the patient is checked with their hearing aids.

Sound-proof audiology testing: This testing is done in an area where there are no sound noises that may affect the result of testing.

Balance disorder evaluation: Hearing also aids in balance. Thus, any problem in the ear may cause a balance disorder. The audiologist may also evaluate the balancing status of the patients.

Cochlear implant counseling: Using a cochlear implant requires a lot of practice. Rehabilitation after cochlear implant surgery helps the patient is using a cochlear implant more effectively.

Cost Of Cochlear Implant Surgery In India

The cost of cochlear implant surgery varies in India. Because of the low cost of cochlear implant surgery, India attracts several international patients every year for this surgery. The success rate of cochlear implant surgery in India is high. The cost of cochlear implant surgery in India depends upon a variety of factors. These factors include the experience of surgeons, length of stay at the hospital, opting for rehabilitation after surgery, medications, and testing.