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Home Blog Cochlear Implant Surgery in India is now Very Affordable with Reduced Packages

Cochlear Implant Surgery in India is now Very Affordable with Reduced Packages

Dream of every hearing impaired person is to reconnect with the outer environment. There are many hundreds of persons who do not even know that this earth is surrounded by beautiful sounds. Hearing impaired persons physically, mentally and emotionally face lot of challenges to survive and carry out their daily activities. Many of them do not know that there are solutions to recover back impaired hearing, while another set of peoplesimply do not afford a treatment.

What are the cochlear and hearing implants in India?

  • Cochlear implant
  • Bone Anchored Hearing Device implant
  • Vibrant Sound bridge middle ear implant
  • Auditory Brainstem implant

Who needs a cochlear implant surgery?

ENT specialists in India classify hearing loss in individuals into four ranges:

20 – 40 dB             Mild loss
41 – 70 dB             Moderate loss
71 – 95 dB             Severe loss
> 95 dB                 Profound loss

The specialist diagnoses the severity, the cause, age and other conditions to determine what treatment would best suit to improve the hearing ability and to assure long-term results. The cause could be temporary or permanent. Before starting the hearing loss treatment in India, your hearing trouble is thoroughly studied on individual basis. Minor and temporary causes can be treated with medications and few follow-ups. Only those adults and children who have congenital hearing loss and who have sensorinueral hearing loss caused by damages to cochlea or problems in inner ear affecting auditory nerve need implantation surgeries.

Cochlear implant surgery is particularly suitable for

  • Adults who have a functioning auditory nerve, lost the ability to hear in between due to an injury or illness, have tried a hearing aid but had no help and healthy to undergo a surgery.
  • Children who are congenitally hearing impaired or lost the ability to hear in between due to an injury or illness.

How much would it cost for a cochlear implant surgery in India

Cost of a cochlear implant surgery is dependent on several factors: the country, city, hospital, type of room facilities you opt, the surgeon and importantlyif one or both ears need the surgery and the cost of cochlear implant (type of material and its durability). Most advanced and sophisticated technology and tools, which are comparable with those of medically developed countries,are used in cochlear implant surgery in India, but at much affordable cost. It is much less and just a fraction of the prices offered in those countries for a cochlear implant surgery.India has a large network of hospitals and clinics that offer ENT treatments and cochlear implant surgeries. In Delhi, the cost of a cochlear implant surgery is comparatively lower than other cities. The cost of cochlear implant surgery in India starts from USD 13,000 and varies depending onthe indicated factors.

It is understandable that still many of us do not afford this price. Connect with one of our coordinators who would take the responsibility of personalized care and assist you with a tailor-made treatment plan within your budgets and affordability.