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Home Blog Get Relief from Ear Pain by Visiting the Best Otology Doctor in India

Get Relief from Ear Pain by Visiting the Best Otology Doctor in India

Ear pain in both adults and children is a concern for the individual. To get relief form ear pain it is advisable to search for the best otology doctor in India and seek his or her advice.

Best otology doctor in India pops up on Internet search engines. Websites of healthcare companies also provide a list of otology doctors. 

The Importance of Ear

The ear is a vital organ of human beings responsible for the sense of hearing. It is also responsible for retaining a sense of balance when they walk, run, sit or rotate their heads or body. The ear’s three ear sections – inner ear, middle ear and the outer ear perform the functions related to hearing and balance. The inner ear provides the sense of hearing, balance and changes in acceleration and gravity. The middle ear transmits sounds from the outer ear to the inner ear. The outer ear collects sounds from outside and passes them on to the ear drum of the middle ear. The components of the ear include a variety of tissues, bones, membranes and fluids. These are prone to disturbances as any other part of the body causing pain to the person.

Causes of Ear Pain?

A human being’s head has ears strategically placed to perform their functions. They are also connected to other parts of the head such as the throat and nose. A person experiences ear pain when sections of the ear or other parts connected to the ear get affected. A person feels ear pain when fluid accumulates in the ear drum. Similarly, a person feels ear pain when the ear canals get infected or ear blockages occur due to stuffing of the ear with ear wax or extraneous stuff or damage to ear caused by objects used for ear cleaning or any infection affecting the ear’s hair follicles. Besides, when there is infection of the throat and nose the infection spreads to the Eustachian tube which connects to the ear thus causing pain to the ear. Sometimes, a person gets ear pain when there is a tooth pain or jaw pain. 

How to Treat Ear Pain?

In most cases ear pain is temporary and often needs no treatment. Yet, some ear pains persist due to some underlying cause which needs treatment. A person can get relief from ear pain by resorting to home remedies such as using ear drops, olive oil or providing hot fomentation to the site of pain. If the person suspects infection to be the cause of pain then consulting an otology doctor is advisable. The ENT doctor would examine the cause of pain in detail and may prescribe treatment involving antibiotics, if necessary. 

When to Visit the Best Otology Doctor in India?

The person is best advised to visit the otologist when pain persists for a few days. The otologist would study the person’s symptoms and conduct tests of the ear through an otoscope. These tests would help check for infection, ear blockage and fluid in the ear. Sometimes, the best otology doctor in India may consult an audiologist to check for hearing loss.