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Home Blog Don’t ignore throat pain; Contact Pediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi Immediately

Don’t ignore throat pain; Contact Pediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi Immediately

If there are signs of a throat ache for a prolonged time, contact “Pediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi” to get the problem diagnosed and treated to prevent further complications.

“Pediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi” diagnose throat pain scientifically and suggest a course of treatment. ENT doctors in ENT clinics would conduct investigations to determine the cause of throat pain.

Problems caused by throat pain?

Throat pain causes itching in the throat leading to difficulty in swallowing. Throat pain may also be a symptom of a developing cold or flu. Throat pain may also cause other  symptoms such as a running nose and congestion. Mucus from the nose could flow to the back of the throat causing throat pain.

What causes throat pain?

A variety of factors are responsible for throat pain. Factors such as flu virus cause throat pain. Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria cause a condition known as strep throat. Environmental allergens such as mold, dry air, or cigarette smoke also cause irritation leading to throat pain.

Diagnosis of sore throat?

A physician diagnoses a sore throat by observing the back of the throat for signs of inflammation or white patches that show an infection of the throat. A blood test or a throat swab would reveal bacterial or viral infection. It is generally harder to diagnose toddlers and very young children than it is to diagnose adults.

Treatment of throat pain?

Antibiotics are not used to treat throat pain accompanied by colds caused by viruses as antibiotics are effective only against bacterial infections. Throat pain caused by viruses hardly gets cured by medication. Time will heal the throat pain when viruses go away.

Home remedies

Home remedies are generally used to treat throat pain.

There are various home remedies such as warm tea, hot soup, warm water, turmeric milk or fenugreek (methi) seeds. Gargling of the mouth using warm salt water relieves throat pain. Honey taken with tea or warm water is a very effective home remedy for sore throat. Honey has anti bacterial properties and wound healing benefits that can help to reduce the irritation caused by sore throat. Honey is not recommended for infants younger than one year as their immune and digestive systems are not strong enough to process honey.

Other remedies

Other remedies involve using allopathic measures such as anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling in the throat or lymph nodes, taking throat lozenges or syrups to ease the irritation, avoiding environmental factors that aggravate the condition such as drinking cold liquids or juices. Avoiding areas with dry air or smoke pollution will help to reduce recovery time.Stopping cigarette smoking relieves an aggrieved throat.

When to visit Pediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi?

If there is persistent throat pain for more than a week even with treatment with home remedies then Pediatric ENT doctor in Delhi will be able to diagnose and treat the condition.