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Home Blog Hearing Loss Treatment in India is Professional and World Class

Hearing Loss Treatment in India is Professional and World Class

People suffering from hearing loss condition should get “hearing loss treatment in India” from professional ENT specialists.

“Hearing loss treatment in India” has come a long way and several leading ENT specialists provide treatment for hearing loss conditions throughout India.

What is Hearing Loss?

Human beings hear through the ear organ. In technical terms, their hearing is normal if they can hear sounds between 20-20,000 Hz frequency and 0-130 dB amplitude. In most cases, human beings’ hearing is at around 3,000 Hz. When the ear malfunctions for various reasons persons could exhibit partial or full hearing loss. Hearing loss may affect one or both ears. The consequences of hearing loss are severe in the case of children’s ability to learn. In fact, children with hearing loss may not be able to speak even though their vocal chords are all right. In adults, hearing loss can cause difficulties in relationships with others.

Causes of Hearing Loss?

In normal human beings there is a direct correlation between hearing loss and age. Persons experience hearing loss as they become older. Though advancing age is a cause of hearing loss, people lose the sense of hearing because of other factors such as noise pollution. Besides, people can lose hearing because they inherit it from their ancestors. Children born to alcoholic mothers may suffer hearing loss. Often people undergo hearing loss as a result of acute infection of the different parts of the ear. Sometimes, viral infections lead to hearing loss.

Health Conditions that Affect Hearing Loss?

People exhibit hearing impairment when they suffer from disorders in other parts of their body. A large number of people suffer loss of hearing due to conditions such as

  • Obesity
  • Stress and hypertension
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • HIV
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Physical trauma

Health Condition Affected by Hearing Loss

While many other health conditions affect hearing, people with hearing loss condition could suffer from cardiovascular diseases. The reason why cardio vascular diseases could occur is because of the sensitivity the inner ear shows to blood flow. Thus, the ear seems to detect changes in blood flow earlier than other parts of the body.

People with hearing loss tend to fall more and slip more leading to other complications including hospitalization.

Hearing loss treatment in India

There are many ENT clinics offering professional hearing loss treatment in India. Doctors in these clinics test patients for hearing loss conditions. They detect underlying causes and suggest a course of treatment that would reduce the suffering.

People suffering from hearing loss should undergo cardiovascular tests to be on the safer side and rule out any link to the same.

A person affected by multiple sclerosis suffers often irreversible complete hearing loss if the auditory nerve gets affected.

People with hearing loss should be on their toes to determine if they suffer from some underlying health conditions so that they can take quick remedial action.