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Home Blog Hearing for the First Time: Cochlear and Hearing Implants in India Opens up the World

Hearing for the First Time: Cochlear and Hearing Implants in India Opens up the World

Ever dreaming about the feeling of ‘hearing the world for the First Time’? Lovely voice your child, sounds of a beautiful morning, attractive voice of the doctor who is standing next to you, or could be anything, are you dreaming of that surprising moment? Cochlear and Hearing Implants in India opens up the world for you.

Why should you decide your hearing loss treatment in India?

Medical tourists around the globe prefer India due to its best medical solutions at very affordable prices. Best ENT doctors in India treat their patients using advanced diagnostic testing procedures and state-of-the-art facilities. Hearing loss can be congenital or acquired in between and it can be spotted in a child or a grown adult. ENT specialists in India are successful in giving that pleasurable moment of ‘hearing for the first time’ to thousands of hearing impaired patients.

Two types of hearing loss

  • Conductive hearing loss: resulting from certain diseases, medications or blockages in the  ear
  • Sensorinueral hearing loss: resulting from damages to cells or nerves of inner ear

Get a diagnosis done by the ENT specialist in India and discuss the best treatment option that suits you. He will do the required audiology tests, explain the hearing test results – the hearing loss degree (mild, moderate, severe or profound), if one or both ears are affected, if it is expected to be temporary or permanent and the most effective treatment.

Hearing and Cochlear implant surgery in India

Conductive hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids, and they do not require an implant surgery. Hearing aids have in-built microphones to receive soundsand convert them louder before transmitting into your ear. These can be adjusted to suit your degree of hearing loss and can be worn in one or both ears.

An implant surgery would be required to treat sensorinueral hearing loss in adults or children for a Cochlear implant, Bone Anchored Hearing Device implant, Vibrant Sound bridge middle ear implant, auditory brainstem implant or any other best productive implantation depending on your condition. Your specialist would recommend you a device according to the results of audiology tests, for instance for a mild to moderate hearing loss due to cochlear damage, a cochlear implant would be adequate and a person with a near total hearing loss might require an auditory brainstem to directly transmit sound waves to the brain.

Benefits of cochlear and hearing implants

There is so much to experience from our environment through our ears. Once you have undergone the implantation surgery, you are another normal person. You will be able to listen to sounds of all ranges, voices of your loved ones, learn different languages quickly, perform well in studies and at work, socialize lot with friends, communicate over the phone and all privileges that you are already dreaming of. You will see visible changes in your self-confidence and self-esteem and there is more to be experienced. You are just only one step ahead to see the best part of your life and it is the right time to consult our best ENT doctor in India.