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Home Blog Try home remedies for cough first before seeing an ENT specialist in India

Try home remedies for cough first before seeing an ENT specialist in India

Trying home remedies for treating cough first before seeing an ENT specialist in India is a proper course of action.

ENT specialist in India comes into the picture when home remedies don’t work for curing cough.

What is Cough?

Cough refers to involuntary action of clearing foreign matter or mucus settled inside the throat. Occasionally, throat gets irritated when something sticks inside the throat. The body’s involuntary mechanism takes over and tries to clear the throat with a cough. The physical act of coughing comprises three stages of inhalation, forced exhalation and a powerful release of air from the lungs. These result in a distinctive sound identified as cough. The coughing action relieves the throat of the foreign matter.

Often, cough is involuntary but cough could be voluntary as well.

A cough that lasts for a long time gets categorized as chronic cough.

What are the consequences of cough?

Generally, cough is an annoyance. But it interrupts normal functioning of a person. A cough is more than annoying when it disturbs sleep or when it affects speech. Cough often leads to lightheadedness or vomiting.

What causes cough?

Occasional coughs help clear irritants from the throat. Persisting coughs may signal an underlying medical condition which needs investigation.

Chronic cough occurs when

  • Smokers and non-smokers contract bronchitis
  • Drugs consumed for other conditions trigger coughs
  • Treatment for infection of upper respiratory tract concludes
  • Acid reflux occurs
  • Asthma condition exists
  • Nose drips mucus into the back of the throat 
  • Allergies 

What are the symptoms of chronic cough?

Chronic cough shows symptoms of running nose or sore throat. People with chronic cough exhibit frequent clearing of throats. They develop hoarseness. They feel short of breath. They may feel sour taste in the mouth. Serious underlying health conditions could lead to coughs accompanied by spitting of blood.   

Can home remedies cure cough?

People experiencing a coughing bout considered as chronic cough can try home remedies to get relief.

The tried and tested warm water gargle must rank as one the best home remedies for getting relief from cough.

Since cough involves the throat, soothing the throat with fluids such as juice, tea or broth would help relieve symptoms of cough.

Taking plain honey or honey with water or lime juice gives relief from cough.

Pineapple contains bromelain enzyme which suppresses cough and loosens mucus. Taking pineapple fruit or drinking fresh pineapple juice gives relief from cough. 

Peppermint contains menthol which soothes the throat and breaks down mucus. Inhaling peppermint steam bath relieves cough.

Marshmallow contains mucilage which relieves throat irritation.

Sucking over the counter cough drops or lozenges would give relief from dry cough.

Stopping cigarette smoking relieves an aggrieved throat.

Often, chronic cough disappears when underlying cause gets cured on proper treatment.

See an ENT specialist in India if chronic cough persists?

Patients with chronic cough should see an ENT specialist in India if the cough persists despite taking home remedies.