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Home Blog Success for Kids thru’ Hearing Loss Early Intervention with India’s Best Paediatric ENT Surgeon

Success for Kids thru’ Hearing Loss Early Intervention with India’s Best Paediatric ENT Surgeon

Hearing loss in kids could affect their speech and language development, academic achievements, educational and job opportunities, emotional and mental health. Paediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi recommend identifying the hearing loss and speech disorders in children at the earliest possible stage. Hearing loss treatment in India is very effective with 100% success rate through early identification and intervention in kids.

Your child undergoesa ‘hearing sense screening test’ soon after its birth before leaving the hospital or may be within the first few weeks. Most congenital hearing defects are identified at this stage and treated effectively. However, in some toddlersissues go undetected at this point and parents should have a close watch on warning signs and consult an ENT specialist in India, immediately.

Stages of hearing and speech development in kids

  • Within few months of birth: gets disturbed or frightened to a sudden loud sound, gets lulled for familiar voices
  • By 6 months: tries to spot noises by turning the neck towards the direction, attempts to imitate sounds
  • By 9-12 months: murmurs at different tones in response to others speaking to them
  • By 1 ½  years: recognizes rhymes and makes sounds in response, be able to speak few familiar words
  • By 2 years: be able to speak more familiar words, uses two words’ short sentences in conversation
  • By 3 years: be able to speak good lengthier sentences

If you feel your child’s hearing and speaking development is slow, get the right guidance from India’s Best Paediatric ENT surgeon.

How do you spot hearing loss in a child?

There is no one other than the parents who understand the actions and behaviors of a child. Be cautious of the following in your child:

  • Does not get startled by loud noises
  • Look attentively when you speak but does not recognize your voice and respond
  • Does not respond to the rhymes you sing
  • Be slow to learn words, and often says parts of words and misses out the rest
  • Asks to repeat what you say, or irrelevantly answers your questions
  • Watch what others do and repeat, rather what you say
  • Speaks very loud
  • Turns on the TV or music very loud
  • Be inattentive in classroom and grades are poor, especially in listening tests

Connect with India’s Best Paediatric ENT surgeon

Do not panic if you doubt your child has a hearing loss. Paediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi are well experienced in curing hundreds of children with similar issues. Make an appointment with our consultant to diagnose the hearing loss, causes and the best treatment options. The problems could be minor and even be corrected with simple treatments, for instance your child could not hear simply due to ear wax blocked in front of eardrum. Hearing aids are commonly used by kids with hearing loss and they are easy to handle and do not worry as it would be inconvenient to your child.In complex cases, a hearing aid implantation might be recommended and it is always better to solve the problem early than letting your child suffer for the entire life.