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Home Blog Common ENT Problems in Children: Consult the Best Paediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi

Common ENT Problems in Children: Consult the Best Paediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi

A healthy child is a happy child! Do not let your child suffer for its entire life due to an untreated ENT problem. Consult immediately the best paediatric ENT doctors in India, if you doubt your child is suffering from an ENT problem.

What causes an ENT trouble in a child?

The causes can be several – inherited from genetics, prematurely born, underweighted or could be acquired due to infections or injuries. Despite the cause, meeting early an ENT specialist in India cures your child completely.

What are the common ENT problems in children?

Deafness and speech delay

The child is less responsive to the sounds around. It could be a complex issue due a problem in the ear structure or simply due to an ear infection or fluid in the ear.

Allergic rhinitis

This is the seasonal allergy or hay fever that your child gets by breathing in dust, pollen or animal hair often associated with nasal cavity.


Sinusitis is swelling or inflammation in the tissues surrounding sinuses. Watch over frequent cold lasting for several days and thick yellow-green nasal drainage in your child.

Tonsillitis and Adenoids

Swollen and highly infected tonsils and adenoids could cause difficulty in speaking, breathing and eating. A small procedure for removal gives great relief for your child.

Snoring and sleep apnoea

If your child shows up disturbed sleep patterns andbehavioral changes, it could be an issue relating to ENT, when untreated results in difficulty in cognitive functioning.

Breathing difficulty/ noisy breathing and hoarseness

A problem in airway structure causes the child to breathe short and faster, and make various noises with each breath.

Otitis Media with effusion (glue ear)

Glue ear is one of the most common conditions in children. A wax like fluid is accumulated in front of eardrum mostly with an infection.

Choanal atresia

This is a genetic disorder that occurs during fetal development, where the choana (back of the nasal passage) is obstructed by an abnormal tissue.


This abnormality in the voice box (larynx) blocks the airway when the child breaths in and also cause noisy breathing.

Microtia/ ear malformation

A child born with microtiahas malformedexternal ear appearance and middle ear structure often causing disruptions in sound receipts.

Nose bleeds/ Epistaxia

When a blood vessel that lies closer to nasal is injured due to dryness, allergy or any other reasons, could get start to bleed and recur without healing.

Vocal cord palsy

This is the condition where one or both vocal cords fail to vibrate adequately to produce voice. This could affect the child’s breathing and swallowing process.

Foreign body

Foreign bodies (any object in a body part that is not meant to be there) in a child’s ear, nose, or throat cause troublesif not treated early.


This conditionin a newborn occurs when its cartilage (flexible bone) in the windpipe has not developed properly.

Subglottic stenosis

The airway above the trachea and below the vocal cords (subglottis) is narrowedcausing breathing issues in a child.

Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis

This is a rare growth of tumors in the breathing way caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

Consult our Best Paediatric ENT Doctors in Delhi for your child’s successful and speedy recovery from the ENT problem.