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Home Blog How does deafness affect a person’s life? – Very effective Hearing Loss Treatment in India

How does deafness affect a person’s life? – Very effective Hearing Loss Treatment in India

Our five senses: vision, audition, taste, smell and touch are five distinct modes of sensing our outer world. The body maintains a balance between these senses and deterioration in one sense triggers functioning of another – our grandma with impaired vision hears even thin sounds around the house, a child with a hearing loss tend to be hyperactive and uncontrollable. A right balance between our senses is essential for healthy functioning of our body.

Consequences of hearing impairment

Effects on physical fitness and acting alone

Persons with congenital hearing loss have limited ability in learning to speak a language and this is a big barrier of communication with the others around. Their lonely world is always quiet and need the assistance of someone to understand their thoughts and express it out.

Effects on emotions and mental health

They are special people who need special attention, as they always have a feeling of abnormality in their minds. They feel that they are different from others and this at times negatively affects their confidence and self-esteem.

Withdrawal from social life

These people with special needs tend to limit their circles only within their close family and friends. Due to the communication gap, they miss out greater outer circle and are reserved, depressed and sad.

Lower learning and effects on work life

Unlike a normal person, hearing impaird individuals learn slowly because they receive less information from the environment. This directly affects their performance and despite their special talents, educational and job opportunities are fewer.

Causes of deafness

Deafness can either be Congenital (inherited and has never heard the sounds since born) or Acquired (due to internal or external factors affecting the organs in the ear). Hearing loss can be mild to profound. ENT specialists in India say, early detection of hearing trouble can be easily treated with 100% success with very effective hearing loss treatment in India. The factors include:

  • Aging
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Ear infections
  • Stuffy ear wax
  • Perforated eardrum
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Ear surgeries
  • Effects of certain other diseases

Hearing loss treatment options

Vibrant Sound-bridge middle ear implant is effective on persons with mild to severe hearing loss. This is implanted in the middle ear and it increases the sensitivity of cochlear by repeating the sound waves received by the ear.

Cochlear implants work best on persons with moderate to profound hearing loss. This device fixed in the inner ear performs the functions of damaged cochlear and transmits sound signalsto the brain and improves hearing sense.

Bone Anchored Hearing devices are implanted to bypass the outer and middle ear and directly stimulates cochlear. This direct born conduction has definite success in improving the hearing sense.

Auditory Brainstem implant is the solution for persons with severe to profound hearing loss with heavily damaged cochlear or hearing nerve. This device is connected to the auditory brainstem that passes the sound waves directly to the brain.

Consult our best ENT doctor in India for a successful hearing loss treatment at an affordable cost.