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Foods That Make Your Ear Healthy

We all would agree with the fact that a healthy human body is not only about external appearance, rather it is also about both internal and external fitness. Each body organ has specific nutrient requirements to keep functioning properly. One such vital organ is our Ear. Best ENT doctors in Delhi have time and again emphasized the importance of balanced diet and healthy eating for smooth functioning of our ears and avoiding infections.

There are certain food items that are known to be rich in nutrients that boost your hearing ability. Most of us have an understanding that ear care is all about protecting it from loud noise and getting it cleaned frequently. Ask any good ENT specialist in Delhi and he/she will clear this myth by clarifying that there is lot more that can be done to keep your ear healthy.

Importance of Minerals in keeping your ears healthy

Minerals have always been accepted as crucial substance for preserving hearing health. Some of the essential and common minerals we can consume through intake of daily food items like vegetables, fruits and meat are mentioned below:

Folic Acid–It is one of the B-complex vitamins that enhances body’s ability to generate new cell growth. Adequate amount of folic acid in the body helps in keeping hearing loss at bay. It also enhances better circulation of blood to the ears and cell growth. Spinach, cabbage, broccoli and organ meat are some of the food items rich in folic acid or folate.

Potassium – The amount of fluid in our body tissues and blood is significantly regulated by potassium. The inner part of our ear that converts noises into electrical impulses interpreted by our brain into sound needs adequate amount of fluid. So, the fluid in this part of the ear is dependent upon sufficient supply of potassium. Tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, oranges, bananas, milk, yoghurt, melons and raisins are some of the potassium-rich food items. Intake of potassium-rich diet is advantageous for overall general health. 

Magnesium – According to one of the best ENT specialist in Delhi, magnesium intake/treatment helps in reducing occurrence of both temporary and permanent hearing loss associated with noise. Use of magnesium is also a treatment of choice for idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss. It also reduces the intensity of symptoms related to tinnitus. Sufficient amount of this essential mineral in the inner ear prevents shrinking of blood vessels and thus saves them from getting deprived of oxygen supply.Bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, yogurt and spinach are some common food items rich in magnesium.

Zinc – Zinc is a great remedy for fighting against germs that cause that typical common cold and flu and also that irritating ear infection. Zinc supplement also helps in preventing sudden hearing loss and treatment of tinnitus. It is known for improving body’s immunity by enhancing cell growth and wound healing. The anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of zinc reduce the excessive stress on cochlea in sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Some common eatables rich in zinc are almonds, lentils, chocolates, meat, cashews and peas.

It is advisable to see one of the Best ENT doctors in Delhi for a better understanding of the role of above minerals in maintaining your hearing health. Each of them has added health benefits to keep you fit and fine!