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Home Blog Specialized Treatments for Head and Neck by the Best Otology Doctors in India

Specialized Treatments for Head and Neck by the Best Otology Doctors in India

Many important nerves that control the functions of eyes, ears, and nose, and facial movements are connected in the area of ‘head and neck’. There are ENT specialists in India who are specially trained to treats diseases and other conditions of the head, neck, and face. Such ENT specialists  are called ‘otolaryngologists’ and they are licensed to give therapeutic and surgical care for patients suffering from conditions relating to head and neck.

What are the conditions treated by the best Otology doctors in India?

  • Thyroid: Thyroid glands located middle of the lower neck can be overactive or underactive in some individuals, causing enlarged glands with visible lumps.
  • Parotitis: Pair of parotid glands located in both sides of the mouth are the major salivary glands and they get infected and swollen
  • Salivary Stones: Tiny hard stones could form inside one of the salivary glands due to aggregated salt in saliva and block the saliva formation and flow.
  • Swollen Lymph nodes: Lymph nodes are part of immune system and they are overactive in some individuals and get swollen and cause pain.
  • Lymphangioma: These are congenital malformations of the lymphatic (immune) system that appearextraordinarily enlarged.
  • Thyroglossal cyst: This congenital cyst forms in thyroid from a tissue leftover after the development of the thyroid gland.
  • Branchial cyst: This is a congenital lump that develops below the collarbone or on sides of the neck.
  • Neck abscess: accumulation of thick yellowish or greenish liquid (pus) due to an infection in the spaces between the structures of the neck.
  • Snoring: People snore during sleep when the breathed in air cannot move freely through the nose and throat.

If any of the above conditions persist, do not panic. Most of the conditions are benign and non-cancerous. Make an appointment with our otology doctors andthese conditions can be treated using simple painless treatment methods available.

What are the specialized treatments for the above conditions?


This is the removal procedure of part or all of the thyroid gland, for those suffering with thyroid lump, tumor, or goiters.


This procedure is done to remove part (partial superficialparotidectomy) or greater segment(superficial parotidectomy) of the parotid salivary gland, due to lump, tumor.

Salivary gland stone removal

The stones in one of the salivary glands can be removed by a direct cut in the gland, or through an endoscope (Sialendsocoscopy).

Branchial cyst and fistula

Very large branchial cysts are removed through asurgery to prevent repeated infections. If doctors consider complete removal might pose threat of nerve cuts, only a major portion is removed without any risks.


This is a treatment method for snoring to contract and harden the soft palate in back roof of the mouth using a radiofrequency device.

Tongue Base Reduction

This is another treatment option for snoring where the tongue base is reduced using the radiofrequency device.

Consult our best otology doctors in India to effectively treat your head and neck related problems without any complications.